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Perveration - Perversion In Manifest Disease

  • Perveration



    How quickly humanity tumbles from its lofty perch, as centuries of learning, of artistic and scientific endeavour are gleefully incinerated on the altar of depravity. In the shadowed places the revered and respected debase themselves, immersed in sickness and perversity, numbing their senses with empty acts of cruelty, striving with pathetic desperation to break every taboo, to sink lower than ever before into a mire of filth, lost in an endless spiral of revulsion and disgust. Jaded and bored with civilisation and morality they revert to type; sordid, heartless beasts that poison everything they touch.

    Perveration have drawn back the curtain that shrouds the inner sanctums of the grotesque and repugnant. With debut full length album Perversion In Manifest Disease they fling the listener, screaming, into the pit of horrors that bubbles and thrives in the fetid darkness behind the facade. This is brutal death metal with no restraint, no holds barred and no fountain of abhorrence left untasted. Each thudding riff is like a physical blow, slowly reducing the body to an unrecognisable mess of blood, guts and shattered bone. The relentless drum attack decimates, like on-rushing macerating blades, transforming life to slurry as the ghastly vocals spew hatred in a rain of profane filth. Featuring the multi-instrumental talents of Sahrul Ramadhan (Anthropophagus Depravity, Depraved Murder etc) and the inhuman voice of Jossick (Innocent Decomposure, Invigorate etc) this Indonesian outfit have captured the most degenerate sounds imaginable. Beyond heavy, beyond brutal, this is disturbing, devastating damnation.

    Where else but Comatose Music would Perveration find a home? Together these explorers of extremity will release Perversion In Manifest Disease out into the world on November 19th. A new sickness is coming, a plague upon decency, a virus that will ravage the very heart of human society. Abomination awaits!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Depraved Murder | Lividity | Brodequin | Prostitute Disfigurement

    Sahrul Ramadhan – Drums/Guitar/Bass
    Jossick - Vocals


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