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Perversor - Umbravorous

  • Perversor



    The cries of war ring loud across the heavens as the black angels of destruction spread their mighty wings and take flight. They hurtle across the face of the sun, casting grand and god-like shadows on the ground below and all who are captured in that passing darkness fall to their knees, their hearts shaking in terror. The plight of the pitiful creatures below them barely registers with the avenging angels as they sweep on, faster and faster, the fire of bloodlust raging in their veins. The walls of heaven await them and as one they draw their swords, coated in deadly poison and black fire...

    When Perversor’s Umbravorous comes screaming from the speakers in an explosion of wild, furious chaos you are swept up in its slipstream, your body flooded with a crazed adrenalin rush. You can sense the band there with you at the heart of the maelstrom, grinning manically as you race together to victory or destruction. The wildly flailing drums power onwards into ‘Formidable Destino’ and you’re laughing like a madman, hanging on for dear life as the winds of the vortex tear at your body. The music shifts and surges organically; accelerating, settling, exploding – leading you into the devil’s dance of ‘Somnambulus’, onwards, ever onwards to the final apocalyptic climax of ‘DMT’. What follows that? Who cares?

    Perversor are defiantly rooted in the glory days of metal, when black, death and thrash were first emerging from their pits of brimstone, armed to the teeth and ready to kill. Since their infernal inception in 2007 they have chased the essence of the black magic that infused I.N.R.I., The Return Of Darkness And Evil and In The Sign Of Evil, adding their own savage intensity, ruthless abandon and ineffable darkness. Perversor have abandoned none of the bestial violence that powered their early classics like 2010s Demon Metal, simply becoming more addicted to the evil thrill as they have careered towards the goal of ultimate annihilation.

    On 15th March Pulverised will break the chains that have held Perversor briefly in check and the Chilean warriors will once more take to the skies – ready to rain down the ravaging power of Umbravorous! Watch the horizon and prepare for death from above!

    “...rabid, noisy, filthy and all the better for it.”

    Genre: Blackened Death/Thrash Metal
    For fans of: Sarcofago | Bathory | Sodom | Bestial Mockery

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