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Phobetor - Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds

  • Phobetor



    The smoking pyres of Gehenna, the bone-scattered banks beside the cold, sluggish flow of the Styx, the howling agonies of the wood of suicides; none harbour horrors like the limitless internal landscape of the mind. To walk the paths of this realm of shadows, beneath the peaks of humiliation and through the swamps of fear is the darkest of journeys. The fiends that lurk in your blackest nightmares have built their towers here, they watch for your coming and you have no secrets from them. They know how to undo you, to invert you and dismantle you. You have no protection from the monsters that have dwelt within your thoughts since you drifted in the womb...

    Explorers of fear blighted nights and death ridden days, Phobetor have returned with their second album of peerless, individual blackened death metal. Through Deepest Fears and Darkest Minds is the soundtrack to inescapable dreams of reasonless terror, the screaming wind that tears through the desolate chambers of your mind, tearing open the doors you have kept meticulously locked. The songs that form this grimoire of shredded nerves are intricate creations, built on stone foundations of bludgeoning power but carved with elaborate frescoes of melody and texture. There is a relentless intensity to the album as it unfolds, despite the shifts in tempo, the light and shade of musical expression and everything holds a razor sharp edge of dread. Moments of intimidating magnificence are scattered liberally through the cloud piercing peaks and twilit valleys – as the echoing menace of ‘Coerced Infestation’ slips into the raging fury of ‘Your Empty Shadow’ or the explosive, pitiless dissection of ‘A Secret Nihility’ – these moments will stay with you, haunt you. Heavy, atmospheric and imbued with a strange and bitter taste, Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds stands alone, a solitary figure silhouetted against a bruised and darkening sky.

    While last year’s When Life Falls Silent debut demonstrated enormous potential within its punishing, turbulent grooves, Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds, draped in the visionary art of Brian D'Agosta (Vallenfyre, Godthrymm, Goatwhore) and mixed and mastered by Neil Hudson (Krysthla), is the sound of a band that has come into its own, a band that has completed its remarkable transformation. Adhering to no rules or regulations Phobetor have evolved into a new form of devil whose roar will echo through the deep places of the earth. On December 13th Black Jasper Records will turn the key and open the gate, unleashing the beast that is Phobetor once more. Listen for the sound of distant hooves on the edges of your dreams...they are coming.

    Genre: Blackened Death Metal
    For fans of: Behemoth | God Dethroned | Belphegor | Hate

    Debora Conserva - Vocals
    Marc Dyos - Drums
    Ross White - Guitar
    Dredgewood - Bass


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