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Plague Pit - Labyrinthine

  • Plague Pit



    Gathered in darkness, they are the soulless, the heartless, the empty. All they once were has been sacrificed to ancient devils, given gladly to the dwellers in the shadows and burnt upon the altars of the watchers. They have drunk of poisons and walked to the brink of death, dived into the visions that hover on that boundary between worlds. They have filled their hollow husks with endless night. Nothing remains but an insatiable hunger for secrets mankind was never meant to know and a desperate, malicious desire to bring pain and death to the brethren they have left so far, far behind.

    These are their songs, their hymns of horror, plucked from the mouths of corpses in their nests of the dead. This is the sound of the howling chaos winds that sweep through the infinite mazes of disease and futures long forgotten and left to rot. Their names are meaningless; they live to walk beneath the tattered banner of Plague Pit, an entity birthed when an unbreakable bond of blood and nightmares was sealed in 2016. Plague Pit exists to spread madness and unrest, to give sonic shape and form to the knowledge uncovered at such unspeakable cost, to tempt and incite, to draw the innocent into darkness. Binding sounds inspired by the death metal gods to visions of towering terror with chains of arcane knowledge, the dwellers of the Plague Pit have created Labyrinthine, a release of staggering power and insurmountable force. This is twisted, grotesque death metal of the blackest kind, screaming from the plains of hell.

    Following on directly from their Topheth Ablaze full length album, the Labyrinthine EP takes the listener deeper into the hidden world of Plague Pit. The music is overwhelming in its unholy intensity and the atmosphere it creates is suffocating, bringing the taste of the dead to your tongue. Plague Pit are not here for your entertainment, they are here to consume you. These warped riffs, howling solos and relentless, battering drums are an open invitation to your end. There is no disguise and no pretence, just a seething mass of hatred driven to destroy.

    Genre: Blackened Arcane Death Metal
    For fans of: Incantation | Morbid Angel | Malthusian | Blood Incantation



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