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Pornographic Sunset - Gold; Flesh; Dirt

  • Pornographic Sunset



    Walking with a strut in your step, a dance in your soul and an explosion of sunrise and fortitude in your head; pulling shapes on the border of sanity and turning cartwheels over normality. They don’t know they’re your audience but they are - background gasps and expressions of shock and horror, a chorus of ‘what’s possessed him?’ as you pirouette through their grey day in a blast of funk and colour. You can feel the blood riding a deep groove through your veins and your heart beats in an outrageous rhythm. It’s good to be alive...more alive than anyone has ever been!

    Ballistically bright and impossible to restrain, oblivious to expectations and wilfully ignorant of boundaries and ‘good taste’, Pornographic Sunset are a firework display against the night sky of reality. New EP, Gold; Flesh; Dirt fizzes with dangerous levels of exuberance and invites your body to move in sympathetic abandon. Even those who grow anxious at the very suggestion of tripping the light fantastic may find their internal organs twitching in a disconcerting display of unprecedented cool. From ‘Self In Solution’s theatrical slide through your perceptions to the disturbing illusions of ‘Session With Dr. Michaelson’, on to the deftly darting confidence tricks of ‘Diabolical’ and the marvellously multifaceted ‘Dead People’ – Gold; Flesh; Dirt is one hell of a ride. Cowboy country and progressive rock; funk, jazz, avant-garde and weird-for-the-hell-of-it experimentation, Pornographic Sunset have got it all.

    It’s not even been two years since Pornographic Sunset unveiled their debut release, The Bastard Shows His True Colours, but they have charged deeper into the territory of wild dreams and musical nightmares with reckless abandon. It’s as if they’re trying to advance at a rate which will inevitably lead to their end, in a detonation of creative fire – too much, too soon, too fast! Dive into this pool of many colours while you still have the chance and bask in the glory of a Pornographic Sunset.

    Genre: Experimental/progressive/psychedelic rock
    For fans of: Frank Zappa | Primus | Mr Bungle | Pink Floyd

    Daniel B. - Vocals
    Dave M. - Guitar
    Josh H. - Drums
    Roger M. - Bass


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  • Pornographic Sunset
  • Pornographic Sunset
  • Pornographic Sunset
  • Pornographic Sunset