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Posthuman Abomination - Transcending Embodiment

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    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 8th 2018

    Extremity has a new face, a new name, a new definition. Pushing against the boundaries of endurance, clawing at the walls of pain - part man, part machine and all monster. From beyond the wastelands that lie at the edge of sanity...prepare to welcome Posthuman Abomination!

    Posthuman Abomination may be an epithet freshly inscribed in the annals of annihilation, but this brutal death metal machine was spawned in the imaginations of men well versed in the arts of clinical cruelty. Bringing together current and ex- members of Devangelic, Fecal God, Natrium, Modus Deliciti, Pit Of Toxic Slime and Vomit The Soul, Posthuman Abomination is an elite unit of twisted, bludgeoning, blasting, technical death metal destruction. Originally formed as a long distance, collaborative studio side project, the members of Posthuman Abomination quickly realised they had summoned to life something far too potent and powerful to be given anything less than their full devotion and dedication. Their 2017 demo, Crafting Life, drew the attention of Comatose Music – one of the world’s leading labels when it comes to all things malevolent and battering. An alliance was quickly forged and now it is time to unveil the first diseased fruits of this union – Transcending Embodiment!

    From the opening, title track onwards Transcending Embodiment is a full frontal assault on the senses. The guitars weave intricate razor wire patterns around your body, neatly and effectively dissecting the flesh while the bass and drums pound your bones to dust. Vocalist Lorenzo Orrù adds the final terrifying touch with his bestial roars and intimidating intonations, completing a sound spawned in nightmares.

    There is something coldly alien in the way that Posthuman Abomination efficiently unleash total destruction – like a swarm of soulless medical droids gone mad, unemotionally dismantling the human form, rebuilding their creators into hideous parodies of human life...creating a posthuman abomination!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Suffocation | Disavowed | Skinless | Devourment

    Max Santarelli - Guitars
    Lorenzo Orrù - Vocals
    Marco Coghe – Drums
    Andrea Pillitu – Bass


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