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Purulent Necrosis - Cadaverized Humanity

  • Purulent Necrosis



    “...eighteen counts of desecration, eight counts of first degree murder, twenty one counts of mutilation, twenty eight counts of desecrating human remains...”

    Some actions are more than criminal; they break not only the laws of man but the laws of nature as well. The perpetrators of these acts have stepped outside the boundaries of what we understand as human, their actions incomprehensible to any sane mind. They are lost in a darkness where cruelty is as natural as breathing, a black pit where brutality is the only viable response and terms such as sadism have lost all meaning. Most are repulsed, sickened and terrified by these degenerate devils who stalk the shadowlands on the fringes of our society, but for others, those with a small taint upon their souls, monsters are endlessly fascinating...

    If you would take that unsettling, uncomfortable but hideously thrilling walk into the minds of the sick beyond cure, the damned beyond redemption then Purulent Necrosis are here to lead you through the charnel houses of the mad. Originally operating under the name Cranial Bleeding, the band switched monikers to reflect the increasing sickness of their musical output. They are now ready to unleash the rancid horror of their debut album, Cadaverized Humanity. Words like ‘heavy’ and ‘extreme’ simply do not come close to conveying the sonic assault captured in these eleven tracks of inhuman violence. You don’t listen to tracks like ‘Throne Of Carnage’, they physically attack you, leaving you defiled and destroyed. The gore-encrusted riffs are driven into your every orifice, twisting, tearing, consuming. The blast beats leave you broken and the vocals are utterly demonic. Cadaverized Humanity is not a listening experience; it’s a test of your endurance and your sanity, a trip into the abyss, the foulest recesses of human depravity.

    From the dank dungeons of Comatose Music, on November 1st Purulent Necrosis will crawl into the light, dragging their monstrous creation behind them. Wherever their hunger drives them madness will surely follow. They will be feared by the righteous and the good, embraced by the lunatics and the wicked...but they’ll all die just the same. There is no pity, no distinctions, you’re all just bags of meat for the killing.

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devourment | Skinless | Internal Bleeding | Guttural Secrete

    Justin Downs - Vocals
    Blake Scott - Guitars
    Steve Green - Guitars
    Matthew Green - Drums
    Jason Keating - Bass


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  • Purulent Necrosis
  • Purulent Necrosis
  • Purulent Necrosis
  • Purulent Necrosis