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Sectlinefor - Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak

  • Sectlinefor


    RELEASE DATE: MAY 28th 2021

    ...this has to be a dream, because when you’re awake the colours are never this bright...and home isn’t a castle...and the grandparents haven’t looked that happy since before the car crash. In the impossibly blue sky the birds are weaving aerial tapestries from the tiny entrails of porcelain dolls, singing the ever popular hits of Simon & Garfunkel at a volume which is making blood run from your ears in thick crimson streams. And something in the green, green grass of home is stabbing your feet...over and over and over again...

    Disjointed and visionary, a scattergun attack of wildly diverse musical morsels, a pretty sickness that infects your preconceptions with a hallucinatory fever. Gene Kelly dances in monochrome on a rainy street corner, until massive metallic riffs rupture the screen, unleashing a downpour of industrial beats and warped, sugar-sweet melodies injected with hysteria. This is Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak, the wildly irreverent, deliberately disturbing third album from the unclassifiable Sectlinefor. Rarely has a release displayed such utter disregard for convention, such contempt for accepted boundaries. Musical elements that should never breathe the same air are flung into naked, sweaty embraces, exchanging bodily fluids with gleeful abandon. A first listen to the likes of ‘Babies Come From Trees’ and ‘Spoiler Alert – Everyone Dies In The End’ may leave you confused and provoked, a second cautiously intrigued and a third...dancing with cats and surfing the waves at the edge of your mind.

    In 2015 vocalist Jared and guitarist Piton were drawn together in an ill-conceived and ill-fated project which they ate from the inside out. They emerged blood-drenched and smiling and Sectlinefor was born. Two albums that bewildered, angered and exhilarated in equal measure followed in quick succession – Anorexic Insect and Don’t Make This About You – and a host of margin walking live shows. Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak was written and conceived during the enforced separation and restraint of Covid-19, recorded in a few insane days between lockdowns and is now set to explode on May 28th. Sectlinefor are madder, sicker and more beautiful than ever before - and it’s time to lose yourself in the strangest dream you’ve never had...

    “I can get you anything you want...I’m the Magic Man.” – Six Minute Abs – Sectlinefor

    Genre: Alternative Metal
    For fans of: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum | Devin Townsend | Faith No More | Jane’s Addiction

    Jared - Vocals, Lyrics
    Piton - Guitars, Composition


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