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Sex Dumpster - Lord Alcohol

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    RELEASE DATE: 09/02/18

    The world we’ve built is a hard, unforgiving place, full of cruelty, dirt and despair. Every shadow hides a nightmare and every alleyway a nest of unreasoning hatred. You may want to avert your gaze, wrap yourself in a protective cloak of pretty lies and colourful deceptions, immerse yourself in the garish delusions of television and the distracting mundanity of music for the masses...but you can’t hide from reality forever.

    Sex Dumpster are here to tear away your blindfolds and grind your face into the filth of existence until you choke. They are the nightmares in the shadows, they are the violence you fear, the venom in the air you breathe, the infection in your blood and the blistered, leprous threat to your dreams of security.

    The origins of Sex Dumpster can be traced back to frozen isolation in Alaska, where Hiram Lohr first pulled together the disparate souls that would form the band Thousand Year War. With the assistance of Marduk drummer Fredrik Widigs, Thousand Year War recorded the acclaimed album, Tyrants And Men and the EP Kingdom Of America before collapsing into ruin. Hiram Lohr turned his back on the ice and snow and headed to the sultry, putrefying heat of Mexico, where he breathed in the rotten stench of humanity’s decay and submerged himself in the conscienceless bile of bitter existence; he sucked up the soul-corroding horror of life and vomited out the raging, spirit-eating savagery of Sex Dumpster.

    Sex Dumpster are a mutated collision between black metal and the most savage forms of punk – a hybrid that’s nihilistic to the bone – whose only allegiance is to Lord Alcohol, whose only hope is no hope and whose only destinations are the gutter and the grave. Armed with riffs rusted in piss and blood, wielded with a vicious, vehement intent and radiating a haunting atmosphere of emptiness, their debut album, Lord Alcohol, is Sex Dumpster’s howling hymn to nothingness. Songs like ‘This Lonely Rope’ and ‘Under The Night’ drag you down, heart first and leave you lying broken under a starless sky. This is total annihilation. A one way trip to the void.

    Genre: Black Metal
    For fans of: Taake | Young And In The Way | Urgehal | Nattefrost

    Hiram Lohr – vocal, guitar, bass
    Grega Plamberger - drums


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