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Shamash - Done With Misery (Nos Pergamos In Domine Saluteum)

  • Shamash


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 14th 2024

    The new album from Malaysia’s Shamash has been hovering on the horizon in tantalising fashion since late 2021. Whispers and rumours of its release have circulated on social media and several songs have dropped, heightening the anticipation for the album to nigh on unbearable levels for the band’s loyal fans. Well, now the interminable wait is nearly over and the follow up to the critically acclaimed Suffering Servant EP - described by HM Magazine as ‘a beautiful, melodic progressive metal record’ – is finally upon us! Featuring ten tracks of sublime melodic metal, that masterfully blend abrasive aggression and soaring melody with an array of imaginative, inventive musical influences, Done With Misery (Nos Pergamos In Domine Saluteum) is the proverbial gift that was well worth waiting for…

    There are many bands on the modern metal scene that juxtapose shuddering heaviness and heart lifting melody, but few, if any, that do it in the utterly accomplished, breathtaking fashion of Shamash. From Done With Misery…’s first track, the triumphant metal anthem that is ‘Not By My Heart’, Shamash’s deft and dextrous weaving of musical elements is immediately apparent. And yet that outstanding opening barrage is just the first step on a path that is littered with sonic treasures, as Done With Misery… grows and develops with each passing minute, revealing more and more of the band’s adventurous song writing and passionate performances. The album’s title track is vibrant, infused with life and encompasses the overwhelming feeling that Shamash’s music is a bulwark against the trials and tribulations of life – that this band will walk with you through the darkness, holding your head up as the flood waters rise, stand with you, braced for impact, as each tragedy on our journey through this vale of tears hits. ‘The Missionary’ delivers full on metallic fury, with guest appearances from Pathos and Asaph of Symphony Of Heaven and Bryce Maopolski of Brotality, while single ‘Take Me As I Am’ ignites with a fantastic, driving rhythm that is instantly addictive. ‘In Memoriam’ blends power and aching melody in a manner that is simply beautiful and the dramatic concluding pairing of ‘War For Jerusalem’ and ‘The Return Of Al Masih’ bind their bludgeoning brutality in silver threads of exotic musicality and unfettered creativity. There are so many highlights on Done With Misery (Nos Pergamos In Domine Saluteum), so much to discover. This is an album of stunning scope and depth that unveils something new with each successive listen.

    When Rottweiler Records release the glorious technicolour explosion of vivid, vital strength and defiance that is Done With Misery… on June 14th, complete with a vibrant, energised final mix and master, courtesy of Derek Corzine (Symphony Of Heaven, Testimony Of Apocalypse, Scarlet Oath etc) and some outstanding, evocative artwork, then every moment of the years of its creation will be justified. For those who find their way to its door, Done With Misery… will become a special album that will travel with them as the years pass. This is contemporary, melodic, aggressive metal at its very, very best.

    Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
    For fans of: Darkest Hour | In Flames | Shadows Fall | Dvne

    Andre Chiang – Vocals/Guitar
    Darren Teh – Vocals/Bass
    Alexaander J. Martin – Lead Guitar


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