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Sijjeel - Salvation Within Insanity

  • Sijjeel


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 3rd 2022

    You stared too long into the blackness, into the unblinking gaze of the jinn. You sought too many secrets in the shadows and tampered with too many locks. Warnings were for others and seals set only to be broken. The dwellers in the dark allowed you to ride ever deeper into their realm, armed with your wisdom, your strength and your arrogance, until the way behind was lost. And now they turn their faces to you, step forth with talons unsheathed, laughing at your wards and curses. Your spells turn to desperate screams and they begin to take you apart, to dismantle your flesh. As your body breaks your mind runs howling and there is no salvation to be had, but in the cradling arms of insanity.

    From the morbid purgatory that lies between the edge of sanity and the shores of madness comes the furious, brutal death metal of Sijjeel. Hatched in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia nearly a decade ago, the eyes of Sijjeel soon turned to Europe to find the warped souls that could complete the three-headed beast. Floor Van Kuijk (Carnifloor, Focal Dystonia, Korpse etc) and Lukas Kaminski (Stillbirth, Placenta Powerfist etc) were chosen to join with Hussain Akbar and bring forth disease, destruction and death. Following on from the dire warnings of the 2020 EP Cyclopean Megaliths, Sijjeel are now ready to unleash the hell of Salvation Within Insanity – a crushing assault laced with an arcane poison, a force of bone-breaking intensity wrapped in a cloak of nightmares. From the imperious, breathtaking power of ‘Isolation Behind Unrealism’, through the wild, tortured landscapes of ‘Climbing Into The Abyss’ to the cataclysmic technicalities of album closer ‘Inflection To Thee Smut’ this album is a hellbound tour de force of terror. Mind warping riffs and skin flaying savagery rage like a napalm fuelled firestorm leaving listeners broken, yet possessed by an evil hunger that has them begging to ride the winds of horror once again.

    With Floor Van Kuijk in the line up there was no need to look elsewhere for mixing and mastering duties and the Dutchman has worked his black magic at GLDCHN Studios (Cystectomy, Anal Stabwound, Cadaverous etc) to incredible effect. The sheer power that radiates from every note of Salvation Within Insanity is utterly magnificent. The whole package has been completed to perfection by the haunting, horrifying artwork of Rudi Gorgingsuicide (Fleshless, Devangelic, Gorevent etc) – an image that will crawl inside your head and desecrate your memories. With the might of the world’s number one brutal death metal label, Comatose Music, behind them, the possessed spirits of Sijjeel cannot fail in their quest to plunge the world into madness. June 3rd is the date decreed for the end. Put your affairs in order and pray to whichever worthless deity you choose.

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Defeated Sanity | Incinerate | Twitch Of The Death Nerve | Focal Dystonia

    Floor Van Kuijk - Vocals
    Lukas Kaminski - Bass
    Hussain Akbar – Guitar/Drum Programming


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