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Smothered Bowels - Indiegogo fundraising campaign for movie

  • thus defiled
    Start date: Live - visit the campaign here.

    Purveyors of savage, unhinged goregrind, Smothered Bowels have been raging through the Russian underground for several years now – making their mark with releases like the Crushed Cartilage EP and their brutal debut album Thorax Driller. Their latest stomach churning project has been the creation of a suitably blood spattered mini feature film, to accompany the family favourite track, ‘U.S. Butcher’. However, despite filming going well at first, the band have run into unexpected issues...
    Their bone-crushing grinding reached levels of such inhuman intensity that the Butcher himself was torn from their warped imaginations and made flesh. The monster from the song stepped from the screen and into reality and utter carnage ensued. Only completing the story, finishing the filming, will return the beast to the shadows from which he came...but Smothered Bowels are out of cash!

    This recovered footage hints at the horror they have unleashed:

    In order to raise the desperately needed funds the band have started an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, offering an array of gruesome gear in return for those much needed funds. Exclusive t-shirts, Thorax Driller CDs, butcher’s aprons, models of the beast and song writing offers are amongst the rewards to be reaped by generous fans. How many other crowd-funding campaigns have you come across where countless lives are on the line and the price for failure could be bloody murder?

    With all this drama and excitement going on it would be easy to forget the hammering, unstoppable music of Smothered Bowels, but that would be a crime as gruesome as any committed by the Butcher. Be sure to grab yourself a copy of Thorax Driller and the recently released compilation Repulsive Recollections and prepare for the ultimate in goregrind to be unleashed!

    Genre: Goregrind
    For fans of: Circle Of Dead Children | Holocausto Cannibal | Haemorrhage | Cannibal Corpse

    Stan Odium - Bass
    Sektant – Bass/Guitars/Vocals/Drum Programming
    Insane – Vocals
    Vaarwel - Guitars

Investor rewards & images