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Stench Of Profit - No Place To Hide

  • Stench Of Profit


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 23rd 2020

    A once perfect planet, a boundless Eden of plenty now lies dying...a long, slow death, choking on pollutants and ravaged by greed as rabid parasites run rampant across her burning skin. With all hope gone she waits in agony for a single spark to ignite that all consuming flame that will bring it all to an end; the last mistake, the final decision born from monumental arrogance, the ultimate expression of the truth at the rotten core of humanity. And then it happens...the world holds her breath...the parasites stand frozen in realisation...there is one perfect moment of stillness and silence that seems to stretch for eternity...and then the universe explodes.

    Last year Italian grinders Stench Of Profit teased us with the Human Discount EP, a furious but oh so brief assault on the senses. The wait for the follow up has been interminable – but none of that matters any more. The full length debut album is finally here and Stench Of Profit have delivered an absolute masterpiece. No Place To Hide delivers twenty tracks of shockingly brilliant grindcore that will knock you clean off your feet. Human Discount was a fine release in its own right, but it barely hinted at what this fiercely focussed unit were capable of. ‘The Lake Of Void’ provides the perfect intro, a last few minutes of peace before absolute hell is unleashed and a megaton of napalm detonates in your brain. As with only the very finest grindcore, No Place To Hide isn’t just a collection of identikit bursts of rage – these are genuine songs, with every vital element in place, just delivered at mind boggling speed and with teeth grinding intensity. It’s no idle boast to predict that 2020 won’t see another grindcore album that comes close to matching what Stench Of Profit have achieved with No Place To Hide. When ‘No Sun Tomorrow’ quietly closes the door on the nuclear holocaust that has gone before you will be left in ruins.

    Lethal Scissor Records are establishing a formidable roster of extreme music talent and in Stench Of Profit they have uncovered a something very special indeed. The countdown to extinction has begun and on June 23rd the firestorm will hit and there will be no place to hide...

    “My hair was scorched by swirling flame 
    My eyes grew dim my eyes grew blind 
    Death came and turned my bones to dust 
    And that was scattered by the wind”
    – from The Girl Child - Nazim Hikmet

    Presale link: Lethal Scissor Records

    Genre: Grindcore
    For fans of: Brutal Truth | Nasum | Antigama | Terrorizer

    Maurizio - Vocals
    Lory - Guitar & Vocals
    Giovanni - Drums


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  • Stench Of Profit
  • Stench Of Profit
  • Stench Of Profit
  • Stench Of Profit