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Stench of Profit - Human Discount

  • Stench Of Profit


    RELEASE DATE: 20th MAY 2019

    “Motivation, greed and pride, you don’t care how many die
    Mother Earth raped once more, mutilated to the core!” – Brutal Truth

    Our world now teeters on the brink of oblivion; our life-giving forests burn, the dead, empty seas rise to engulf us, the species we share the planet with blink out of existence day by day and our children lie starving in streets that run with blood. We have been warned, time and time again, but the hidden kings that rule us march blindly on, uncaring, feeding our hopes, dreams and lives into their death machines. Obsessed by profit margins, personal wealth and gargantuan, never satisfied greed they sacrifice us all on their gleaming altars to Mammon. In our dark and final days some sit quietly in the shadows, too broken to even weep, waiting for the end – and some scream out their fury and hatred, fire every last round into the monster’s maw before beating their fists against its iron carapace, raging against the dying of the light until their last breath is spent...

    The nihilistic grindcore of Stench Of Profit is the sound of that final act of defiance and new EP, Human Discount, consists of four outbursts of uncontrolled anger that spit venom in every direction. Taking their name from a song on grindcore legends Brutal Truth’s revered Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses album, Stench Of Profit strive to create the most caustic, hyperactive, frenzied grindcore imaginable. Italian trio, Maurizio, Lory and Giovanni have poured their anti-system, anti-control, anti-profit, anti-capitalist philosophy into a Molotov cocktail of furious grind that strips the flesh from your face with its sheer manic velocity – it’s unhinged, it’s warped, it’s manic...and utterly exhilarating!

    Released through new label, Lethal Scissor Records, Human Discount is a precursor to Stench Of Profit’s debut full length album, which will be unveiled by Lethal Scissor in early 2020; so heed this warning – the worst is yet to come! Get off your knees and discover the true meaning of raging against the machine!

    “Never caring, never sharing, fill your pockets with the stench of profit!” – Brutal Truth

    “...a non-stop storm of unhinged and violent noise...”

    Genre: Grindcore
    For fans of: Brutal Truth | Nasum | Antigama | Terrorizer

    Maurizio - Vocals
    Lory - Guitar & Vocals
    Giovanni - Drums


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  • Stench Of Profit
  • Stench Of Profit
  • Stench Of Profit
  • Stench Of Profit