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Strangle Wire - Shaped By Human Frailty

  • Strangle Wire



    Blind and broken, a child lost in darkness, you close your ears to the tumult of rage and spite. You carve out a sanctuary within the shadows and bind yourself in internal solitude. You exist in a womb-like void untouched by fist or foul, barbed tongue. You turn your face to the wall and your demon defender, the monster born of pain and chaos, steps outside to wreak vengeance, to channel a thousand hurts into a billion wounds of retaliation. And you sleep inside, safe from the noise, the screams and the righteous violence of retribution.

    A gargantuan collision between the heaviest of death metal and the darkest of emotions, submerged in an unsettling atmosphere of grief and isolation, the debut full length album from Belfast’s Strangle Wire is a quite incredible creation. Shaped By Human Frailty is a demonstration of death metal at its most effective and affecting, with sheer power being shaped by superb song writing. The riffs are towering and intimidating, casting long shadows across a sonic landscape that has been brutalised by ceaselessly intense rhythms and ravenous, all consuming vocals. Songs like ‘Learned Wretchedness’ possess a malign magnificence that is instantly captivating, while the overwhelming burnt and blackened aura of ‘Judas Switch’ will seize your heart in a cruel and callous grip. The sound that the band have captured, with the assistance of Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard, Primordial, Napalm Death) at Foel Studios is nigh on death metal perfection; the guitars rich, thick and gnarled the drums like world flattening artillery and Shaped By Human Frailty swallows you whole into its darkness, spitting out your torn remains at the cataclysmic conclusion of ‘Horrors Beneath’. This is what death metal is all about; this is a genre defining statement that will brand the name of Strangle Wire into the minds of fans worldwide.

    Four years on from their excellent EP, The Dark Triad, Strangle Wire have truly come of age and grown into their full potential. When Grindscene Records release Shaped By Human Frailty on September 30th they will be throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the death metal scene. Prepare to be destroyed and to revel in your own destruction!

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Bolt Thrower | Asphyx | Grave | Benediction

    Pete - Vocals
    Daff - Bass
    John - Drums
    Ross - Guitar


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  • Strangle Wire
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