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Tanin'iver - Dark Evils Desecrate

  • Tanin'iver



    “The heavenly serpent is a blind prince with name of Tanin’iver…he is the bond, the accompaniment and the union between Samael and Lilith. If he were created whole in the fullness of his emanation he would have destroyed the world in an instant.”
    - The Early Kabbalah

    Tanin’iver – the blind dragon steed of Lilith in ancient mythology, the beast that brought about the union of Lilith and Samael, which spawned pestilence and brought it into the world.
    Tanin’iver – the black/death metal embodiment of one man’s creative spirit, forged in the cold flames of tragedy, loss and personal struggle; an outpouring of blazing hatred and rage at a world blighted by sickness, cursed by violence and intolerance, drowning in greed and ignorance.

    Dark Evils Desecrate is the fourth full length album from Australian entity Tanin’iver, the extreme metal creation of Steve Lillywhite. A year in the making and three years on from the last Tanin’iver album, The Lucifer Effect, Dark Evils Desecrate sees Steve turning his coruscating gaze from the poisonous cess-pit of religion and delivering a bombardment of scathing, acidic vitriol onto humanity’s obsessions with war, violence, intolerance and the brain-sapping curse of social media. Working once more with guitarist Liam Mohor, co-creator of The Lucifer Effect, Steve has carved out a jagged, bleeding monolith of acerbic venom. The passion and fury in the raw, throat shredding vocals is fearsome, the drumming combines a rabid intensity with hammer blow precision and the riffs are simply unstoppable, a deluge of wickedly incisive cuts that dissect and decimate. Highlights are numerous, from the surging power of ‘The Seer’ to the vein-bursting adrenaline injection of ‘Separatist’, the seething ‘Better The Devil’ that rises like an insidious black mist, to the nail driving darkness of ‘Soul Thief’- but in truth every track on this savagely consistent album can stake a claim for individual recognition. Back from the brink once more, aflame with purpose and intent, Steve Lillywhite and Tanin’iver have delivered their most forceful and impressive album to date.

    Steve Lillywhite’s story has been one of ongoing struggle – fighting against illness and addiction and processing the impact of heart rending loss – but he has harnessed the chaos that has raged around his life and channelled it into music of profound power and impact. Now with the support of label Morning Star Heresy he is ready to unleash Dark Evils Desecrate – an album that meets the grim nature of reality head one and will not back down. Produced, mixed and mastered by Steve, Dark Evils Desecrate will be unveiled on January 25th and will set the standards for other extreme metal albums to strive for in the months to come.

    Genre: Black/Death Metal
    For fans of: Dissection | Belphegor | Mayhem | Svart Crown

    Steve Lillywhite – Vocals/Rhythm Guitars/Sampling
    Liam Mohor – Lead Guitar/Bass


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