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Terminal Sun - All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire

  • Terminal Sun


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 6th 2024

    The race is nearly over; our wild-eyed, frantic sprint towards oblivion. With barely a backward glance at the ravaged paradise that sheltered us, or compassionate thought for the innocent in their billions, trampled beneath our feet. Gripped by an innate madness which has fed upon our base desires, like a parasitical tape-worm of the soul, we sprint faster, out-running the desperate clutches of hope, until we burst through the finishing tape and plummet into the void. Finally, there is nothing left to kill and all that will burn is already on fire…

    Forged with passion, grit and determination, All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire is the debut album from Sheffield’s Terminal Sun – an overpowering, all consuming vision of the end. ‘Catastrophic Error’ beckons us forward into the darkness with newsreel reports of the Chernobyl disaster and an underlying sense of foreboding and menace, a growing unease that then detonates, reforming itself into the thick, muscular riffs of ‘AZ5’ - a mechanistic march with a seething, scalding core of organic matter; man and machine in imperfect, broken dissonance. The passages of fierce and fiery energy, the staggering, lurching, unnatural riffs and the shocking solos that dance across their armour plated surfaces are immediately impressive, towering presences…but All That Will Burn… has many different elements, unsuspected angles and hidden hollows of dreaming quicksand. This darkness is deeper than you think. These surprising shadows are not only found in the obvious alternatives of the lonely melodies of ‘Macready’s Last Stand’ or the haunting atmospheres of ‘The Spirit Of Dark And Lonely Water Pt.1’; they also lurk within the morose mutations of ‘Metamorph’ and in the tribal hymn to an incinerated past and non-existent future that eats at the heart of ‘All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire’. Indeed, every passage in this tale of waste and error possesses more than you might first imagine – all concluding in the staggering, epic collision of death, doom and black metals that is ‘The Space Between Two Deaths’ – a magnificent summation of this final journey into the night.

    Adorned in the dramatic photography of Jakob Vegerfors, All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire will be released on July 6th, bringing a new, enthralling shade of blackness to the extreme metal world – fusing sub-genres to construct a monstrous monolith to mankind’s folly. Building upon the fetid foundations laid down by preceding EPs, Threads and Metamorph, this powerful and prophetic album heralds the unremitting darkness that once fallen will never end. Prepare to stare into the dying light of the Terminal Sun.

    Genre: Extreme Metal
    For fans of: Inter Arma | Dragged Into Sunlight | Convulse | Abstracter

    Simon Lee - Vocals
    Kevin Johnson - Bass
    Gary Spooner - Guitar
    Adam Walker - Guitar
    Daryl Bishop - Drums


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  • Terminal Sun
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