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Texas Murder Crew - Wrapped In Their Blood

  • Texas Murder Crew


    RELEASE DATE: MAY 20th 2022

    He sat back in the old armchair and lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply. He always enjoyed this precious moment, what he liked to call ‘the aftermath’; the calm after the storm, the peace after the screams, the sensation of the blood drying on his skin as the adrenaline drained from his tired and heavy limbs. Just moments before this gore spattered island of tranquillity had been a cauldron of chaos and carnage; raging, begging, the hammer thudding against flesh, cracking bones...rending, ripping, completely and utterly dismantling and dehumanizing. Now there was just the silence, the delicious scent of slowly cooling entrails, the taste of tobacco and the glorious artwork of the arterial spray.

    Relentless slamming brutality is how Texas Murder Crew describe themselves and never a truer word has been spoken, but they are more than that as well. This lethal unit stands out from the pack, weaving the most unsettling atmospheres into their extreme savagery, utilising subtle touches of synths and samples to bring added dimensions to their overwhelmingly brutal assault. The songs on Wrapped In Their Blood, the debut full length album from Texas Murder Crew, don’t just play out their vignettes of violence before you - they engulf you, swallow you whole, submerge you in the blood and terror to give a horrific, immersive listening experience. 2020s Everyone’s Last Breath EP showed enormous promise and thankfully the band have seized their opportunity and delivered everything that malicious opening gambit suggested that they could. Through the skin crawling malice of ‘Nocturne Of Evisceration’ and the immense, irresistible power of ‘Mutual Combat’ to the absolute masterpiece of the title track, delivered in three ambitious parts, Wrapped In Their Blood is quite simply brutal death metal at its very, very best.

    This work of warped imagination and twisted creativity will be unleashed by Comatose Music on May 20th – a diabolic demonstration of just how powerful and effective the very heaviest metal can be. Step into the thrilling slaughterhouse nightmare of Wrapped In Their Blood and remember that name – Texas Murder Crew – because they haven’t finished with you yet.

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devourment | Cannibal Corpse | Ingested | Kill Everything

    Mike O’Brien - Vocals
    Trevor Scott - Drums (Studio)
    Kevin Clark - Guitar
    Timothy Ratcliff - Bass
    Cody Hammer - Drums (Live)
    Skyler Turner - Samples / DJ
    Brent Wells - Vocals


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  • Texas Murder Crew
  • Texas Murder Crew
  • Texas Murder Crew
  • Texas Murder Crew