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The Colony - Smoke And Mirrors

  • The Colony



    The world is full of tired and jaded people who think they have seen all that life has to offer. They wander in blindfolds, stumbling towards the end in their shrouds of disappointment, wasting day after precious day, night after beautiful night. But if your eyes stay open, if your ears still hear and your heart still listens, you’ll find that one street you never noticed before. There will be a doorway that before has always been just out of sight. There will be a key that has never been turned and a box that has never been opened.

    In that box you may hear the sound of a band that can stoke the flames in your blood back from cold ashes, that can ignite the passion that you used to feel when songs spoke seemingly only to you. A band that has everything in place to take on the world. With their new album, Smoke And Mirrors, The Colony have created something that transcends all their previous work. They have created music forged from real passion and emotion, a mesmerising intertwining of melody and aggression, choruses to soar upon, songs with breathtaking landscapes of jagged peaks and staggering chasms. The vocals switch effortlessly from a ground-shaking roar to sweetly, supremely melodic progressions, the guitars spin spiralling solos around riffs like mountains and the rhythm section combine to form a heartbeat, a battering ram, a planet-gutting force. This is the sound of a band ready to explode and take the world with it.

    From the anticipation-building intro of ‘Smoke’ and exhilarating opening attack of ‘On My Own’, The Colony take you on a life affirming ride, through the heart wrenching juxtaposition of driving riffs and fragile honesty of ‘Soul Saviour’, the seething emotion, adamantine defiance and spirit lifting solos of ‘Here We Stand’, onward to the unforgettable, heart-scarring conclusion of ‘Sands Of Time’; this album is a triumphant celebration of modern metal. Wherever you think your musical boundaries stand, break them and find your way through the smoke, beyond the mirrors, to The Colony.

    “I thought I heard a tiger, somewhere close by, for there was a low roar that made the whole world shake.”
    – from Neil Gaiman’s short story collection, Smoke And Mirrors.

    “...electrifying atmosphere...”

    Genre: Metal
    For fans of: In Flames | Avenged Sevenfold | Trivium

    Peter Cullen - Vocals
    Aaron Hobkirk - Guitar
    Konnar Anderson - Guitar
    Riki Hobkirk - Drums
    George Struthers - Bass


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