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The Crawling - All Of This For Nothing

  • The Crawling



    I shuffle through the mounting snow, the cold biting at my exposed face and hands. The relentless wind cuts through my thin clothing and no feeling remains in my sodden feet. I’m long past the point where I could turn back, but then there’s nothing left to return to anyway. I’m a walking corpse, just waiting to fall down. The bitterness threatens to choke me, even before the cold can stop my heart. All the words I swallowed, all the dreams I buried…the hopes I’d carried from childhood that I cast into the dirt as if they were nothing. The friends I turned away from, the standards I lowered, the cruelties I accepted and committed…all to be embraced by the ones who ‘mattered’, the ones whose words – empty as they were – somehow carried weight and value. I broke myself apart for the love of the unlovable, whose blood was fetid ichor. All of this to die alone. All of this for nothing…

    All Of This For Nothing is the long-awaited third full length album from Northern Ireland’s The Crawling; a band whose masterful brand of rumbling death metal, inseparably entwined with emotive, atmospheric doom, has seen them carve out a stronghold for themselves in the worldwide metal scene over the last decade. The strides that The Crawling have taken since their last album, 2018s acclaimed Wolves And The Hideous White, are strikingly, immediately apparent. The sheer emotion that radiates from aching, fractured tracks like ‘Thy Nazarene’ is sharp enough to taste and the dark, melodic unfolding of ‘Another Vulture’ makes it a contender for the finest song the band have yet produced. Within this mesh cage of atmosphere and melody The Crawling war machine roars as powerfully as ever, with perhaps even more fierce focus and unstoppable drive – just listen to the slow grinding thunder of opener ‘March Of The Worm’ for proof of that! This series of seven epic, captivating tracks, including a reworking of 2021 single, ‘Sparrow’, sears itself into your memory, burning deeper with every play, confirming that The Crawling have achieved far, far from nothing with this momentous album. Throughout this exploration of the human animal’s willingness to sacrifice everything in a desperate search for acceptance, The Crawling continue to stand, defiantly, proudly alone.

    Once again in partnership with Grindscene Records, who have supported the band since their debut single ‘Choking On Concrete’, The Crawling will release All Of This For Nothing into the world on August 4th, blessed with a weight and clarity of sound that imbues every note with purpose and meaning. The stunning cover artwork, which was created by Travis Smith (Death, Nevermore, Opeth etc) radiates an overwhelming despair, capturing The Crawling guitarist/vocalist Andy Clarke’s brutal summation of existence…“Life is a journey through a bleak, cold, harsh reality that ends in a void of nothingness”… and All Of This For Nothing is the perfect soundtrack to that unforgiving philosophy.

    Genre: Doom/Death Metal
    For fans of: Paradise Lost | Officium Triste | Evoken | Sentenced

    Stuart Rainey - Bass/Vocals
    Gary Beattie - Drums
    Andy Clarke - Guitar/Vocals


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