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The Drowning - The Radiant Dark

  • The Drowning



    Some albums are genuinely special; they capture listeners and hold them enthralled throughout their duration. Many bands will never make an album with that power to mesmerise, where every element of their sound comes together in perfect synchronicity. The Drowning have come close in the past – after the release of their Senescent Signs album Sentinel Daily lauded the Welsh kings of doom/death metal as “easily the best band to emerge in this field since the glory days of the genre.” The plaudits were well earned, but now The Drowning have taken that final step, everything has aligned, slipped immaculately into place and they have created one of those rare, truly special albums. The Radiant Dark is simply magical, destined to be treasured by the disciples of dark, emotional, powerful music.

    The enigmatic album artwork, created for The Drowning by Matt Vickerstaff (My Dying Bride, Cradle Of Filth, Satan) draws the eye, suggesting, prompting questions and enticing the imagination into life before a single note is heard. Then, when the music begins, the haunting tones of intro piece ‘Alpha Orionis’ draw you gently in as the album begins, raising the hairs on the back of your neck, before the grandiose majesty of ‘The Triumph Of The Wolf In Death’ swallows you into starless night. The world behind you is forgotten as you reach the album’s heart, as the different layers of the masterful ‘In Cold Earth’ enfold you. Melodies lead you like ghost lanterns, ever deeper into the dark as solos spiral around you like the tails of burning comets. The drums are a constant ominous thunder and the many hued vocals of Matt Small threaten, console, intimidate and rend your heart in two... Immaculately mastered by Markus Stock of Empyrium and The Vision Bleak, whose magic touch has enhanced the works of Alcest, Bethlehem, Secrets Of The Moon and countless others, words cannot adequately convey the experience of giving yourself up to The Radiant Dark.

    The Drowning’s story began back in 2003, with their first release coming some two years later – the Withered EP. However it was with their second full length album, This Bleak Descent, which emerged in 2008, that the band really started to find their identity. From the release of This Bleak Descent The Drowning never looked back; growing in confidence, growing in ability, ever more assured of their validity and talent. A split album with fellow doom/death stalwarts My Silent Wake followed and in 2011 the momentous Fall Jerusalem Fall was unveiled. 2016 saw the release of Senescent Signs, an album many thought the band would never surpass. How wrong they were... Now discover The Radiant Dark - maybe one of the greatest doom/death records of the last decade.

    “...staggeringly heavy riffs...overwhelming sense of sadness and despair...augmented by some truly beautiful new dimensions.”

    Genre: Doom/Death/Dark Metal
    For fans of: Paradise Lost | Saturnus | The Vision Bleak | Katatonia

    Matt Small – Vocals
    Mike Hitchen – Guitar
    Jason Hodges – Guitar
    Steve Hart – Drums
    Richard Moore – Bass


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