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The Drowning - Senescent Signs

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    The Drowning - Senescent Signs

    Label: Casket Music

    Release date: 03.06.16

    Throughout their career The Drowning have demonstrated an incredible ability to carve out the very heaviest of riffs and sear into them heartrending sorrow, bitter anguish and overwhelming melancholy; emotion so unquestionably true that it has a profound effect on those who connect with their staggering sound. They have refined their artistry with the passage of time, channelling ever deeper emotions into the languid waters of their songs, painting in ever more beautiful, sombre shades. From the strength and maturity displayed on 2008s This Bleak Descent, onward to the magical split album with fellow doom/death stalwarts My Silent Wake, Black Lights And Silent Roads. From the towering majesty of their 2011 album Fall Jerusalem Fall to...silence; five long years of silence, during which time vocalist James Moore said his goodbyes to the band he had fronted for so many years.

    But now the silence is broken. New vocalist Matt Small has stepped up to the mic and from the silent darkness The Drowning have been reborn, bringing with them the most spectacular album of their storied career. Senescent Signs is an incredibly evocative album that possesses all the qualities of The Drowning’s past, bleak triumphs – but it also opens out its arms, reaching with cold hands into previously unexplored chambers of your heart. Matt Small’s deep vocals, raw with emotion are entwined in guitar melodies that sing beautiful, heartfelt laments. White mists of atmosphere rise from the songs, enfolding riffs like ancient stone and painfully beautiful solos and guitar lines. The sheer depth and quality of the song writing is breathtaking, surpassing all The Drowning’s former glories and tracks like ‘Never Rest’ and ‘The Lament Of Faustus’ are simply unforgettable.

    Senescent Signs is an album that demands The Drowning be recognised as the masters of their art that they so truly are. Its implacable tide is irresistible and all who hear it will be swept up in its dark embrace, swallowed by its chilling waters. Release your failing grip on the shore and surrender to The Drowning...

    Genre: Doom/Death Metal
    For fans of: Paradise Lost | Shape Of Despair | The Vision Bleak | Candlemass


    Matt Small – Vocals
    Mike Hitchen – Guitar
    Jason Hodges- Guitar
    Steve Hart – Drums
    Richard Moore – Bass

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