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The Machinist - I Am Void

  • The Machinist



    “Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
    - Dylan Thomas

    A tiny, flickering flame in an endless expanse of darkness; one candle burning fast, beset by punishing winds that toy with its pale light, laughing at its fragile defiance of the shadows. At any moment the light could be extinguished, each second could be its last, but still it burns – fiercely, proudly. We are nothing when set against the vast blackness of eternity; a momentary aberration, a fleeting breath. Accept that and burn harder, shine brighter, scream louder and stare down the devils on the wind...

    The debut album from The Machinist, I Am Void, summons all the terror of the eternal, inevitable night, the abyss that waits to swallow us, consuming our dreams, our arrogance and our misplaced certainty of our own importance. It is the sound of every howling demon that assails us and every insidious disease that can lay us low, but also the sound of warfare and fighting for every last sip of the joy and pain that existing – if only for a moment – can bring. Evolving from the vitriolic, mechanistic bile of NekroDrako and featuring members of the venomous black metal entity that is Reign Of Erebus, The Machinist rage against the oppressive systems and institutions that seek to control our brief lives in the ultimate act of theft. The sheer intimidating force deployed by songs like ‘Death Cults Of Abraham’ is both terrifying and invigorating, the cataclysmic power unleashed by ‘Magnificent Desolation’ breathtaking. A fusion of blasting black metal and machine driven death metal, dark visions and confrontational opposition born of absolute self belief, I Am Void is a devastating barrage of sonic violence.

    I Am Void will be unleashed in digital format on December 4th with a full physical release to follow in January. It will stand astride the death of the old year and the birth of the new, spitting its chilling invocations into the winter night. The Machinist are a poison that will elevate or destroy. Immerse yourself in their harsh truths and find the strength to evolve.

    “There is no such thing as god, there is no reason for existence other than the one you have created for yourself.”
    ‘Magnificent Desolation’ - The Machinist

    Genre: Industrial Blackened Death Metal
    For fans of: Myrskog | Anaal Nathrakh | Akercocke | The Berzerker

    John T – Synths, drum programming, vocals
    T - Guitar
    Scott W - Vocals
    K. Mackinnon - Guitar


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