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The Medea Project - Southern Echoes

  • The Medea Project
    RELEASE DATE: APRIL 09th 2021

    “Forget redemption, we welcome you to stay.
    Enter all you angels to the palace of decay.”
    - Prelude

    Nestled at the tip of the Dark Continent, South Africa is a kingdom of contradictions, a land of unique beauty and bitter bloodshed. Arid deserts bleed into shadowed jungles, bursting with life and secrets and warm days slip treacherously into freezing nights. Recent centuries tell of a tempestuous history of human conflict while deeper strata reveal tales of eternal magic; of the white lion and the bird of thunder and lightning who roam the sacred forests, of wicked Ga-Gorib and his pit of trickery and the Rain Queen in her mountain home. It is a haunting, haunted cauldron of dreams and nightmares, of myths, lies and eternal truths...it is a place like no other, with a sorcerer’s soul and songs that are sung from the heart.

    The Medea Project were born and formed in the smelting pot of South Africa’s underground culture, crawling from the hot ashes of its creative furnace. No matter how many miles they may have sailed from home, they still carry the taste of its mysteries, the memories of its sun and shadows like indelible scars. The place of their birth defines their sound and their songs. In January of this year The Medea Project were invited to renew their links with South Africa by playing a live-in-the-studio set for the online event, Metal4Africa Summerfest ’21. Their performance was something special; Powerplay Rock And Metal Magazine describing it as ‘dramatic’, ‘elemental’ and ‘brilliantly raw’...it was simply too good to be allowed to become just a memory. Southern Echoes brings together the songs from that remarkable set and adds a bewitching acoustic cover of Sol Invictus’ ‘Kneel To The Cross’ that sits seamlessly beside The Medea Project’s own creations. In addition to its musical treasures Southern Echoes also includes a download link to an exclusive podcast, Southern Echoes: Stories From The South African Underground. Through discussion with luminaries from South Africa’s distinctly different music scene – including members of Facing The Gallows and Mind Assault – The Medea Project attempt to shed some light on the creative environment that first inspired them and changed their lives forever.

    Complete with artwork designed by Gary Ronaldson (Benighted, Misery Index, Nuclear etc) Southern Echoes is as unique a package as the scene that spawned it. The perfect follow up to the band’s 2020 debut album, Sisyphus, this EP shows new facets of The Medea Project’s sound while revisiting the unbridled power and passion that epitomises everything they do. Join them on a voyage of discovery into the heart of darkness...

    “And still we dream in the desert’s night, on a distant breeze in a lost yesterday...”
    - The Desert Song

    Genre: Dark Primal Gothic Doom
    For fans of: Danzig | Tiamat | Type O Negative | Lake Of Tears

    Brett Minnie - Guitars/Vocals
    Pauline Silver - Drums & Percussion

    BONUS PODCAST: Southern Echoes: Stories From The South African Underground

    Download here.



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