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The Medea Project - Reflections

  • The Medea Project
    RELEASE DATE: APRIL 28th 2023

    “In a Wonderland they lie, dreaming as the days go by,
    dreaming as the summers die…”
    Lewis Carroll – Through The Looking Glass

    You stare into the mirror, your own eyes staring back at you; at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. But there’s something wrong in that reflection… an old wisdom you have never known in that face on the other side; a wicked, excited gleam in those eyes that know they are toying with your understanding of the world. Very slowly, very deliberately the mirror creature blinks and allows a mirthless smile to spread across its face. You reach to touch the glass but your inverted image fails to respond in kind. Instead it turns and walks away, down the hallway, deeper into that house that seems so like your own. It beckons you to follow, then steps from summer light into twilight shadow – and is gone.

    With every release The Medea Project carve fever dreams and dark fantasies from sound, drag rough hewn entities from a swirling sonic chaos. Their songs are raw and primal, their creativity spawned in a place long forgotten by some, never known by most. With new EP, Reflections, they hold up a broken mirror to the visages of some of the most iconic purveyors of groundbreaking, innovative music, capturing shattered, distorted images of their classic familiar sounds. Black metal gods Venom, heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll legends Motörhead and dark, progressive, gothic dreamers Tiamat all find themselves captured in The Medea Project’s blackened carnival mirror. The faces you know so well look back at you, rippled, inverted, contorted… Nor have The Medea Project refrained from staring into this abyss of their own making, offering up two new interpretations of one of their most hypnotic and atmospheric songs - ‘The Ghosts Of St Augustines’ from the Sisyphus album. This most enigmatic of bands have used their mastery of sonic necromancy to summon forth a collection of thrilling and unnerving visions, rich in temptation and terror. Reflections represents perhaps the most powerful release to crawl from The Medea Project’s black cauldron.

    Reflections will be released digitally and on cassette by Trepanation Recordings on April 28th and comes complete with some stunning, specially commissioned artwork created by Daniel Bollans of Consecration. A vortex full of hidden secrets, Bollans’ remarkable visuals are the perfect accompaniment to The Medea Project’s enigmatic arias. When the time comes, look deep into the mirror, past all you expect to see and step through the reflection to another world of tricks and twists and shadows.

    “Still she haunts me, phantomwise, Alice moving under skies never seen by waking eyes…”
    Lewis Carroll – Through The Looking Glass

    Presale link: Trepanation Recordings

    Genre: Dark Primal Gothic Doom
    For fans of: Danzig | Tiamat | Inter Arma | Converge

    Brett Minnie - Guitars/Vocals
    Pauline Silver - Drums & Percussion



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