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The Medea Project - Sisyphus

  • The Medea Project
    RELEASE DATE: MARCH 20th 2020

    There are drums beating out there in the night. There are torches burning fitfully in the velvet blackness beneath the trees, the flames dancing with the wind and the rhythm of the drums. Fear crawls across the dew drenched grass like a low lying mist, but it’s a fear edged with razor sharp temptation. There’s a voice calling to you from the darkness and the acrid smoke, daring you to dance with the flames, to brave the unknown and unnameable, to step outside the endless spiral of your existence and let the boulder of responsibility roll downhill forever, unchecked. The rough siren summons drifts on the night air; walk out between the Corinthian columns, away from the shackles of society and into the primal night of wild lust and uncovered instinct...

    The thundering drums lie at the heart of The Medea Project’s music; a heartbeat, a force of nature, unrestrained and untamed. The raw, stripped back power of the guitars strides across those pulsing beats, building swaying bridges over the dark chasms in between, while above the tumult roars the impassioned voice of a commander, a story teller, a visionary. The songs that sing from the shadows as Sisyphus spins are not the familiar sounds of everyday, they do not sit happily in their genre defined pen. They speak to you from dark places, from deep and forgotten places, from the burning heart that beats within the chest of the outlaw, the outsider, those whose minds are free and whose dreams cannot be contained. Melody glitters like stars in black, bottomless pools of emotion and the strength is matched by the depth of these songs so real they seem to bleed. A special album deserves special artwork and the enthralling images that adorn Sisyphus were created by ex-Marduk drummer, Fredrik Widigs and represent the talented artist’s very first album cover creation.

    The Medea Project first raised its defiant fist on the east coast of South Africa, a music scene like no other and since then their wandering path has brought them to the shores of the UK. Here they have honed their live prowess performing with the likes of Godthrymm, Conan, Nibiru and many more – and here they have created Sisyphus, an album like no other. The album will be released on March 20th, with a special launch show to be scheduled for the night before. And then you will hear the voice of temptation speaking in the night, singing songs that will never be silenced. And you can choose to keep your chains, or cast them aside forever.

    Genre: Dark Primal Gothic Doom
    For fans of: Danzig| Tiamat | Type O Negative | Lake Of Tears

    Brett Minnie - Guitars/Vocals
    Pauline Silver - Drums


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  • The Medea Project
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  • The Medea Project