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The River - A Hollow Full Of Hope

  • The River


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 30th 2023

    When the cacophony of noise and emotion begins to overwhelm me, when the crashing kaleidoscope of pressures seeks to pull me under and I feel myself start to dissolve in the tumult…I step sideways, through the sliding doors of my mind. I walk along the riverbank and feel the deep, slow pulse of the earth. I drift on the constant, soft voice of the moving waters, the debris of life lifting from me in the dappled sunlight that falls between the leaves above my head. My spirit flies with the swifts as they dart and dive through the azure sky and old man heron, standing in the shadows, fixes me with an unblinking gaze – drawing out my worries, draining away my fears. And all is right here, in my world, in my hollow full of hope…

    An island of tranquillity in the storm-tossed seas of these grey, oppressive days, A Hollow Full Of Hope is the fourth full length album from the UK’s The River. Formed of five wonderful pieces that are so much more than songs, the album offers roots that will anchor you in the rich loam and healing peace of the natural world. ‘Fading’ is the first step into The River’s cool current and its enchanting melodies and quietly insistent rhythms gently coax you into deeper waters…where you gradually slip beneath the surface and become immersed in the transcendental sound. Each track that follows possesses such beautiful, undulating textures that you can feel the guitars of Christian Leitch (ex-Warning, ex-40 Watt Sun) enfold you, while the ethereal vocals of Jenny Newton glide between each echoing chord. Together drummer Jason Ludwig (Necro Ritual) and bassist Stephen Morrissey provide a constant, masterfully understated backbeat that carries the unfolding music with a natural, careful strength. From the breathtaking fragility of ‘Tiny Ticking Clocks’ to the resplendent power of the chords that form the heart of ‘A Vignette’, A Hollow Full Of Hope is a collection of unforgettable dreams within dreams. This is a very special album that will speak to all the yearning hearts, searching for a sanctuary to call their own.

    Formed in 1999, The River carved out their own unique territory in the doom metal world, juxtaposing incredible weight and density of sound with delicate, gossamer vocal melodies. As the years have passed their music has grown from those deep, rumbling roots, blossoming over the course of well-loved albums like Drawing Down The Sun, In Situ and Vessels Into White Tides, finally bursting into flower with A Hollow Full Of Hope. Recorded at Squarehead Studios with producer William Spong (40 Watt Sun) The River have captured the perfect sound for this incarnation of their music – full, natural, layered – bringing out the myriad of magic touches from the carefully selected additional instruments. Released through Cavernous Records on June 30th, A Hollow Full Of Hope offers a quietly magnificent, utterly unforgettable experience. It’s an album that so many of us need right now.

    Genre: Pastoral Post-Doom
    For fans of: Low | 40 Watt Sun | The Gathering | Against Nature

    Jenny Newton – Vocals/Guitars
    Stephen Morrissey - Bass
    Christian Leitch - Guitar
    Jason Ludwig - Drums


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