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Thrasherwolf - We Are Revolution

  • Thrasherwolf



    As modern society eats away at our individuality, gnawing at the bones of our freedom, more and more of us buckle beneath the endless pressures that threaten to break our backs along with our hearts and last shreds of resistance. But there are those who only truly come alive when the shadows are at their darkest, when the clouds block out the sun and the boot of oppression is planted firmly on the throats of the downtrodden. Indignant anger burns in their blood and their teeth can chew through steel. They are the spirit of independence incarnate, the lone wolves you can never control...born for rebellion and bred for war!

    Thrash metal has always been the war cry of the underdog, the overdriven aggression and riff-fuelled fury of the outsider – determined and defiant in the face of all odds, no matter how insurmountable. Raised on a raw meat diet of Metallica, Slayer and Kreator, Thrasherwolf are the new breed of British thrash, following in the footsteps of their honoured forebears like Xentrix, Onslaught and Acid Reign. The London band have all the grit and integrity that characterised this island kingdom’s original ranks of aspiring thrashers and add to that their own passion, vision and unique song writing twists. Their full length debut, We Are Revolution, released on 19th September, is an album built on riff upon riff upon killer riff, delivering the essence of thrash with an adrenalized vigour that is irresistible. There’s an unquestionable honour and honesty that drives songs like the fierce ‘War’ and the ambitious ‘Ruin’; a rampant pride in their genre that makes the likes of ‘Blood Moon’ and ‘The Vortex’ so quickly addictive. Thrashers the world over will recognise this band as one of their own, this album as a powerful pledge of allegiance.

    Formed in 2016 Thrasherwolf first introduced themselves with the Blood Moon EP in 2018 and since then they have been honing their skills in the white hot forges of London’s underground metal venues – securing victory in the pit rounds of the London Metal 2 The Masses competition along the way. Now it’s time to unleash the full fury of the unbreakable wolf pack, the result of all the hard work, determination and absolute self belief. It’s time for We Are Revolution, the sound of absolute defiance and pure thrash metal.

    Genre: Thrash Metal
    For fans of: Kreator | Xentrix | Toronaga | Sodom

    Daniel Lucas – Vocals/Guitar
    Billy Lucas - Drums
    Jack Saunders - Guitar
    Alex Mitsis – Bass


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