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ThrOes - This Viper Womb

  • throes
    ThrOes - This Viper Womb

    Label: Aesthetic Death

    Release date: 29.06.16

    Some bands, some artists, some albums stand alone. They don’t slip neatly into a genre pigeonhole; they don’t readily display a host of obvious influences and inspirations, they don’t toe the party line or say all the right things to woo fans to their banner. Trent Griggs is such an artist, ThrOes are such a band and This Viper Womb is most definitely such an album.

    This Viper Womb grew at its own pace, coming into being over a number of years. It is the worldview, the philosophy, the truth of Trent Griggs. Every element of this music, every word of these lyrics has been crafted meticulously to convey this truth. With the assistance of notorious Australian metal scene vocalist, James Ludbrook and current Suffocation drummer, Kevin Talley (also ex-Misery Index, ex-Six Feet Under, ex-Dying Fetus and a host more) Trent Griggs has brought an incredible extreme metal album to life; wild and unrestrained yet perfectly planned – chaos within structure, structure within chaos.

    With the established ‘rules’ of metal having little relevance to ThrOes, Griggs, like other great pioneers, has created his own genre – Dissident Metal...population one.

    “I stand by the fact that I feel ThrOes does not sound like anything else in metal” the band mastermind explains. “I feel it is in opposition to 90% of metal on a stylistic and thematic level and I do not care one bit about belonging to a group or limiting my style to a few enforced adjectives by authorities I do not follow.”

    Welcome to This Viper Womb. There is knowledge to be found here, there are lessons to be learned. There is thrilling, original music and a sound like no other. This is Dissident Metal. This is ThrOes.

    Genre: Dissident metal
    For fans of: Bethlehem | Shining | Killing Joke

    Trent Griggs – lead vocal, guitar, bass, ebow
    James Ludbrook – additional vocals
    Kevin Talley - drums

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