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Thus Defiled - unleashing a triptych of evil

  • thus defiled
    Thus Defiled - A Darker Beauty EP

    Thus Defiled - Fire Serpent Dawn EP

    Thus Defiled - A Return To The Shadows EP

    Label: Shadowflame productions

    Release date: 06.06.16

    Since their infernal birth, back in 1992, Thus Defiled have forged a blazing path. Their devastating live shows have been purposefully infrequent, keeping each one special, an unforgettable ritual celebration. They have shared the stage with renowned names like Mayhem, Blasphemy, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Enslaved, Behemoth and Dissection – all noted for their live prowess – but been overshadowed by none. Their albums have garnered much critical acclaim and have commanded the respect of fans and their musical peers alike. The band have appeared on a compilation CD alongside legends such as Black Sabbath and Venom, as well as garnering airplay on Radio 1 from the legendary DJ John Peel.

    Veiled by shadow, the first two of these EPs emerged from the underworld, released by the band themselves in between those monumental albums. These long since sold out releases have, until now, remained the province of the privileged few. Over the course of this year Thus Defiled will be giving both A Darker Beauty and Fire Serpent Dawn their first official digital release. Both have been remastered by band frontman Paul C to give them a new lease of life, both sounding sharper, more vibrant and deadlier than ever before. In addition to these two unearthed classics a third EP entitled A Return To The Shadows is to be summoned forth. Collecting together four infernal cover versions and one brand new original recording, A Return To The Shadows features guest vocals from Mike Browning of Morbid Angel / Nocturnus and Donn Donni of Vesperian Sorrow. This EP is both a tribute to the bands Thus Defiled grew up with - and a defiant roar that dares anyone to doubt their continued power and potency.

    The first in this series of releases will be 2000’s A Darker Beauty. The three tracks here perfectly encapsulate the sheer class that has always been the hallmark of Thus Defiled’s music and stand as unholy testament to the band’s unswerving dedication to the darkness. Driven along by blood freezing vocal exhortations and glorious guitar extravagance ‘Ebony Thorns Embrace’, the epic ‘A Darker Beauty’ and the defiant ‘Eden Stands Aflame’ can stand up to any challengers in the black metal field. They deserve this rebirth, this rebirth to inspire the worthy and strike fear into the hearts of the weak. In this modern world of designer ‘evil’ and pale, insipid imitations it’s good to know that there are still wolves out there in the night with real teeth.

    Genre: Black Metal
    For fans of: Venom | Immortal | Cradle Of Filth

    Line-up: A Return To The Shadows
    Paul C – Guitar/Vocals/Keys
    Paul F – Guitar
    Chas – Bass
    Stuart - Drums
    Mike Browning (Morbid Angel/Nocturnus) - Guest vocals
    Donn Donni (Vesperian Sorrow) - Guest Vocals

    Line-up: Fire Serpent Dawn
    Paul C – Guitar/Vocals/Keys
    Paul F – Guitar
    Rob – Bass
    Nick - Drums

    Line-up: A Darker Beauty
    Paul C – Guitar/Vocals/Keys
    Paul F – Guitar
    Sam – Bass
    Nick - Drums

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