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Timōrātus - My Life In A Made Metal Band

  • Timoratu


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 10th 2022

    To think we were once mediocre...those days seem implausible and difficult to recall. Surely these globe straddling titans never knew such humble beginnings? Our wealth is now as immeasurable as our talent, our immortality assured. Yet behind the majesty and magnificence lurks a shadow that only those who have tasted true greatness can understand; the demands, the drama and the struggle of adapting to the lonely realisation that you’re simply better than those who mill around you, desperate to bask in your light. It’s the unappreciated price that legends have to pay...

    Two long years ago Louisville, Kentucky’s Timōrātus brought you My Life In A Mediocre Metal Band, the tale of a struggling young band, fighting against the odds to make their way in the world. Now their epic journey continues as they hit the pinnacles of fame and downright musical brilliance with My Life In A Made Metal Band. This is the other side of the coin, the story of what happens when a band’s inherent genius is recognised and they reap the rewards that their incredible music deserves. Experience the joyous celebration of ‘We Made It’, the uncomfortable truth of ‘Better Than You’ and the heart wrenching tragedy of ‘Lonely’. Feel the adrenalin rush of battle as Timōrātus fight against their slide from relevance in ‘Can’t Keep Up’, calling on the additional firepower of guests Mac Smith (Alterbeast, Krosis, Decrepit Birth) and Peter Watson (Elephant Watchtower). Drawing on whatever genre of metal appeals, Timōrātus utilise their undeniable musical skills to take listeners on an emotional thrill ride across the mountainous peaks of success, the hidden crevasses of despair, a terrifying fall from grace and ultimately, redemption. When the album concludes with the beautiful ‘Sorry’ don’t even try to hold back your tears. While some may refer to Timōrātus as comedy metal, this glorious album is no laughing matter.

    Timōrātus will unveil their masterpiece, My Life In A Made Metal Band, on June 10th, released in conjunction with Mythic Panda Productions. New standards will be set in the comedy metal arena as this album lifts you to exhilarating heights and takes you tumbling into the depths of despair. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you live in the era when Timōrātus walk the earth.

    Genre: Comedy Metal
    For fans of: Psychostick | Arsonists Get All The Girls | Dethklok | Hunt The Dinosaur

    Courtney ‘The Style’ - Vocals
    David ‘The Party’ - Vocals
    Logan ‘The Redneck’ - Guitar
    Mason ‘The Kid’ - Drums
    ‘The Mystery’ - Bass


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