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Tor Marrock - The Concept Of Self

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    In the deep velvet shadows between the flames figures twist and entwine, dancing on the edge of perception, frightening but deeply alluring. There’s a soft, sensual voice inviting you to step through the flames into the enticing wickedness beyond. Words of promise and ritual spiral through the night air, carried on silver threads of sound, music that speaks to something deep, primal and all but forgotten. The music offers a connection to truths you once knew, it promises passion beyond reason and an unveiling of secrets. Knowledge and lust, power and revelation, transcendence through pleasure...

    The music that calls from beyond the flames is The Concept Of Self, the third collection of eldritch sorceries from the dark masters of Tor Marrock. These songs hypnotise you, set fire to your blood and draw you into their web as they take control of the beating of your heart. Then, like a serrated blade drawn from within a silken sheath, their cruel riffs begin to dissect you. Thrill to the whispered promises of guest vocalist Liv Free on ‘(Let’s Make) Love In The Dark’, feel the fear as you realise that the path home is long forgotten as ‘The Dark In Your Eyes’ draws you ever onward into the black. Finally emerge, bloodied and new born, forever changed, into ‘The Concept Of Self’ – the album’s epic conclusion.

    Tor Marrock descended from the mountains of west Wales in 2005, bringing with them their first demo, The Death Of Summer, a first glimpse into their world of desire driven witchery. Two albums followed; A Gothic Romance (2007) and Destroy The Soul (2013) – each a step further into the darkness. Now, as the nights draw in and winter looms once more, Black Vulture Records are ready to light the flames again and summon you all to The Concept Of Self. On December 13th the chanting will begin and Tor Marrock will call from beyond the flames. New pleasures await you in the shadows. Give in to your desires and join the dance once more...

    “...the best thing that's happened in modern Metal music...”

    Genre: Dark Gothic Metal
    For fans of: Moonspell | My Dying Bride | Monumentum

    Tor Marrock - guitars, vocals
    Dio Davies – drums
    Dean Vaughan - bass guitar
    Also featuring Liv Free - vocals on ‘(Let’s Make) Love In The Dark’


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