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Twitch Of The Death Nerve - Beset By False Prophets

  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve


    RELEASE DATE: MARCH 12th 2021

    We are infected with lies. The poisons swallowed by our forefathers still clog our veins with fear and prejudice, demanding our obeisance to the unheard and invisible and raising the duplicitous to positions of divinity. Our tainted blood sees gods in circumstance and calls us to worship the unworthy and denigrate the undeserving. We are beset by false prophets and tempted by deceivers, wrapped in our inherited chains. But a time of reckoning is coming and there will be no escaping the impending flames of justice. There will be no sanctuary in palaces or the grave, for the living and the dead must pay for their transgressions...at the hands of the wrathful!

    In the plagued year of 2020 Twitch Of The Death Nerve unleashed the spine-shattering insanity of their second full length album, A Resting Place For The Wrathful. It tore through the metal underground, leaving swathes of rapturous reviews in its wake and crashed into numerous end of year lists, from Brutalism to Ave Noctum, World Of Metal to No Clean Singing and more besides. Many bands would have been content to sit back and survey the triumphant devastation, but the death nerve keeps on twitching... Returning to the studio the band laid down four monstrous new tracks, seething with a sense of menace and bubbling with rage and repugnance. The dancing demons of ‘Facadism’, the fetid beast that is ‘At The Trial Of The Exhumed Pope’, the unstoppable, surging riffs, the tortured screams...not only are these new songs not content to gaze happily on past glories they are ready to topple them, tear them down and consume them in a rabid frenzy! Not satisfied with releasing a four song EP, Twitch Of The Death Nerve have combined their latest frenzied assaults with a recording of their entire set at Xxxapada Na Tromba festival that took place in Lisbon, Portugal in January 2020, before the jaws of lockdown snapped shut. A furious nine song rampage that perfectly encapsulates the Twitch Of The Death Nerve live experience, this explosion of brutality is a ticket to a nirvana of sickness and extremity for fans of the most intense music on earth. Together these live and studio tracks create the latest release from Twitch Of The Death Nerve, together they are Beset By False Prophets!

    Beset By False Prophets will be launched against humanity on March 12th by Comatose Music, the ultimate label for brutal death metal. Individually, the two parts that make up Beset By False Prophets, studio and live, would be formidable – together they are staggering and insurmountable. Already the gauntlet has been thrown down for 2021 – can anything else reach these levels of power, speed and unbridled rage?

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Liturgy | Decrepit Birth | Disgorge | Inveracity

    Tom Bradfield - Guitars/Vocals
    Tom Carter - Bass
    Mauro Hammerition - Drums


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  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve
  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve
  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve
  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve