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Twitch Of The Death Nerve - A Resting Place For The Wrathful

  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve


    RELEASE DATE: March 27th 2020

    “I’m full of rage. I hate all men. I hate life.”

    Repulsed by the sordid vacuity of humanity, you become a seething mass of rage. Everywhere you look you are confronted by purposeless, meaningless, empty vessels – existing merely to service the perpetual machine, feeding it their potential, their morality and their dreams. There is no other valid reaction but destruction, no acceptable response but to kill, kill and kill again. Find momentary peace in their screams, briefly dampen down the flames of anger with their blood. The inevitable hail of gunfire from the herd’s protectors brings you to your knees, bullets thudding into your flesh. Organs puncture and the heart stops beating...but even death cannot stop you. The energy of uncontrollable anger, of measureless hate carries your body forward. When life is gone the need to kill remains and you have far to go before you sleep....

    “There will be no place for humans.”

    There is little left to love about the human race and we all know well the rush of anger when confronted by each new example of crass stupidity and selfishness. Twitch Of The Death Nerve have performed an act of alchemy and transformed that anger into sound. The overwhelming frustrations of modern life have been captured in the skittering, frenzied riffs and wild, primal beats that drive the songs that form new album, A Resting Place For The Wrathful. This is the ultimate act of musical catharsis, the perfect channelling of the desperate scream that, if ever it escaped your lips, would never stop. While the guttural vocals send their hatred vibrating through your entrails the music tears your heart open, unleashing the venom. Twitch Of The Death Nerve take you to the brink, to that point of no return where voices whisper of opening fire in the subway and tearing out your neighbours’ throats with your teeth.

    “I look at people and see nothing worth liking.”

    Twitch Of The Death Nerve defined A New Code Of Morality with their debut album in 2014, but now these experienced campaigners of extremity (having served time with the likes of Infected Disarray, Repulsive Dissection, Goreinhaled and many more) have abandoned themselves to complete and utter violence. Only one label was equipped to harness their murderous rage and Comatose Music drew them into their dark embrace. This spring, be prepared for absolute annihilation. Nothing can stop them now.

    “...a green and insignificant planet is now dead.”

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Liturgy | Defeated Sanity | Decrepit Birth | Deeds Of Flesh

    Tom Bradfield - Guitars/Vocals
    Tom Carter - Bass
    Mauro Marin - Drums


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  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve
  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve
  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve
  • Twitch Of The Death Nerve