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Tyrannos - Spears Of The Aten

  • Tyrannos


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 21st 2022

    My youth was lost in the dust and shadows of the Foundation’s labyrinthine libraries. A thousand times a thousand ancient pages turned as candles guttered down to nothing. From the accessible tales and superstitions to the forbidden books of knowledge, I consumed them all as the years passed. Armed with secrets I finally set out into the world and the unseen worlds within the world. I have watched the waves at Innsmouth, seen the fires upon the peak of Sentinel Hill and walked the dreaming streets of Ib. And now I speak his names into the darkness, whisper them into the night with an old man’s cracked and failing fragile voice. Before the end I will see him, know him and lose myself forever...

    Marching through the wreckage of history, weaving their way through the nightmares of the mad come Tyrannos, their music alive with horrors and steeped in mystery. With insidious riffs that slither beneath your perceptions and drums that echo the carnage of centuries of warfare, these songs that know no boundaries coalesce to form Spears Of The Aten – an EP of expansive, visionary death metal. First emerging in 2017 with the Beneath The Pharaonic Necropolis demo, Tyrannos have now driven their music on mercilessly into ever more dangerous and challenging territories. The demo’s title track has been joined by three incredible new monuments to the power of extreme music and the outer reaches of the imagination. Featuring the gloriously inhuman drumming of Scott Fuller of Morbid Angel and a transcendent guest guitar solo from Morean of Alkaloid and Dark Fortress, the strides that Tyrannos have taken with Spears Of Aten are gargantuan. From the ritualistic ‘The Tyrant’s Bane’ to the many layered grandeur of ‘Sun Disc Cataclysm’ Spears Of The Aten is a magnificent creation of sonic sorcery and madness.

    Mixed and mastered by Damian Herring (Blood Incantation, Horrendous, Father Befouled etc) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios, Spears Of The Aten possesses a sound that combines sheer power with clarity and a broad palette of textures. Visually, Tyrannos selected the talents of Adrian Baxter (Alunah, Paradise Lost, VI etc) to invoke the images that adorn the cover of the EP. Every aspect of Spears Of The Aten has been meticulously realised, making it one of the most enthralling and impressive death metal releases you will hear this year. Be ready for 21st June when the gates will open and Tyrannos will ride forth, armed with the Spears Of The Aten.

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Morbid Angel | Nile | Mithras | Pestilence

    Bonno Stobart – Guitar/Vocals
    Owen Padfield – Bass
    Allastair Thomson – Guitar
    Guest performances:
    Scott Fuller – Drums
    Morean – Guitar solo on ‘Sun Disc Cataclysm’
    Ciaran Trevena – Cello on ‘The Tyrant’s Bane’
    Emma Rednall – Viola on ‘The Tyrant’s Bane’
    Daniel Gurner – Violin on ‘The Tyrant’s Bane’


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