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UnWorthy - This Present Darkness

  • UnWorthy


    RELEASE DATE: MAY 17th 2024

    Hailing from Southern California, (Un)Worthy are a two piece band who summon up some of the heaviest and most uncompromising deathcore that has ever screamed out its rage at the world. Driven by their passionately held beliefs, vocalist Dennis and multi-instrumentalist Jordan have built their reputation upon releases like their 2021 debut album In The Face Of Death and 2023s monstrous EP, Where Light Divides - one of the fastest selling releases in label Rottweiler Records’ illustrious history! Now in 2024, those who thought they understood the magnitude of (Un)Worthy’s unflinching dedication and intensity, the extent of their devastating sonic fire power, are about to realise the error of their ways…

    “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani - my God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
    - Mark 15:34

    (Un)Worthy’s second album for Rottweiler Records, This Present Darkness, opens with first single, ‘Forsaken By God’ - and suffocating clouds of unnerving darkness gather like carrion crows, as the agonised words of Christ upon the cross are howled out in a desperate repeated mantra; the pressure building, the fear, the sense of disquiet constantly escalating, winding the nerves tighter and tighter before the punishing heaviness is unleashed in an all-consuming tidal wave of searing agony and despair. Blow after bone-breaking blow lands with bludgeoning force while an exotic melody winds its way through the darknesses in between. Complete with additional violent vocal exhortations from Voluntary Mortification’s Conner Luttig, ‘Forsaken By God’ flings wide the gates upon the implacable storm of brutality that is This Present Darkness. The light of salvation is hard to see as the seething sludge-ridden force of the album’s title track rains down upon you like burning magma, before the jagged leads of ‘Satan Whispers’ wound and scar. The moribund, mournful jeremiad of ‘Psalm Of Lament’ explodes into the absolute annihilation of ‘This Too Shall Pass’, featuring Holy Name guitarist Joe Holt and there is no respite as the album rampages on, no slackening in the fearsome pace or shattering heaviness…and when silence finally returns you will be left in a state of shock - stunned and brutalized. This Present Darkness sets new limits in terms of just how impactful and affecting deathcore can be.

    Adorned in unsettling, monochromatic artwork - a vision of fear and solitude, a soul beset by nightmares - This Present Darkness will be released by Rottweiler Records on May 17th and nothing will stand in its way. A simply staggering collection of songs, steeped in atmosphere, built upon surging, rhythmic riffs and utterly colossal drums and shaped by a supremely caustic sound, This Present Darkness will smash through the opposition, tearing down boundaries and barricades, propelling the defiant deathcore of (Un)Worthy into the hearts and minds of advocates of absolute extremity worldwide.

    Genre: Deathcore
    For fans of: Desolate Tomb | Osiah | Voluntary Mortification | Oceano

    Dennis - All Vocals
    Jordan - All Instruments


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    web facebook youtube bandcamp instagram

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