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Voluntary Mortification - Suffer To Rise

  • Voluntary Mortification


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 22nd 2022

    His disbelief in life beyond the grave was absolute; when the heart stopped beating there was nothing but a coffin; rot, dust and an empty eternity of oblivion ahead. Yet here he was in chains, here he was in the fire while a vile legion of impossibilities peeled the skin from his body – again and again and again – uncoiled his entrails time after time through a ragged ever-healing wound torn into his stomach. The screams were endless, the pain unceasing. Where was hope in this pit of horrors? Where was redemption in this nightmare of monstrosities? He howled to the heavens for a saviour, to the God he had thought naught but a dream...

    Hailing from Lansing, Michigan Voluntary Mortification aim to be “a light in the darkness for those who are broken and hurting” but their message of hope is delivered with a sonic accompaniment of the most brutal kind! Their debut album, Suffer To Rise, features eleven songs of near unimaginable heaviness, each one connecting with the listener like a steam hammer to the head. Absorbing classic death metal influences into the blunt force trauma of their deathcore assault has yielded stunning results. Songs like ‘The Cull’ are armed with massive riffs and absolutely pulverising power. An ambitious concept album, Suffer To Rise tells the tale of a soul’s descent into the torments of hell and their ultimate redemption, with each step in that journey brought to life with slamming intensity. Producer and engineer Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Ghost Bath, Dagon etc) has done an incredible job on this album, squeezing every last drop of venom from the throat-shredding vocal attack, skull shattering drums and dangerous, destructive guitars. It all adds up to a faultless display of force and fury. Nothing you hear this year will hit as hard as Voluntary Mortification’s Suffer To Rise!

    Rottweiler Records will unleash the beast that is Suffer To Rise on July 22nd, wrapped in the artwork of Mohammed Anam (Evocator, A Templar’s Burden etc), an infernal vision of the suffering of the damned. Brace yourself for impact and prepare for this first bone-breaking barrage from Voluntary Mortification – this is one listening experience that you’ll never forget.

    Genre: Deathcore
    For fans of: Carnifex | Suffocation | Despised Icon | Ichor

    Conner - Vocals
    Eric - Bass
    Matt - Guitar
    Jacob - Guitar
    Johnny - Drums


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  • Voluntary Mortification
  • Voluntary Mortification
  • Voluntary Mortification
  • Voluntary Mortification