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Wolvenguard - Elemental Reclamation

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    Wolvenguard - Elemental Reclamation

    Label: Independent

    Release date: 30.06.17

    Formed under the blistering heat of the Texas sun, Wolvenguard have created a sound that transcends their environment and their place in time. Wolvenguard’s music connects back to long gone days when myth and magic mixed with blood and honour and cries to ancient gods were heard above the clash of steel on steel. Within the brooding thunder of their songs is a pathway for the spirit to travel, a key to unlock the imagination. With its vital vibrancy, soul stirring melodies and rush of sheer, unadulterated power, Elemental Reclamation offers an escape from mundanity and triviality, a gateway to greatness. Previously only available as a download, demand has now seen Wolvenguard’s official debut receiving a proper physical release – something it richly deserves.

    The members of Wolvenguard have honed their skills in other prominent Texas bands, such as symphonic black metal kings Vesperian Sorrow, death/thrash savages Cerebral Desecration and morose doom lords In Oblivion – but together they have found something special. As if they each carried within themselves the seeds of Wolvenguard, seeds that could only grow and flourish once they were all connected as one.

    The three songs which unite under the banner of Elemental Reclamation, the fanfare which announces the arrival of Wolvenguard to the world, fit seamlessly together, forging a triumvirate of steel that will have metal fans of all hues and allegiances hungry for more. While these battle hardened fighters haven’t invoked previously unheard of musical forms, they have connected so completely with the essence of metal, with a spirit that connects all the myriad genres of extreme metal as we know it. With evocative vocals, surging riffs, guitar melodies that ensnare the heart and fire the imagination and an ever present, rumbling, irresistible force and power, all captured perfectly by the mixing and mastering skills of J-F Dagenais (Kataklysm),Wolvenguard will speak to metal warriors around the world.

    Open your ears, open your hearts, to the battle cry of Wolvenguard!

    Genre: Archaic Blackened Metal
    For fans of: Ex Deo | Immortal | Bathory | Amon Amarth

    Jake Wayman - Vocals
    Will Rohan - Guitar
    Justin Buller - Guitar
    Ethan Wissmann - Bass/Vocals
    Nikos Riekstins – Drums
    (Drums on this recording performed by Sterling Junkin)

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