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Wurm Flesh - Excoriation Evisceration

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    Deep beneath the soil, hidden from the eyes of god and man, lies the world of Wurms. A kingdom of impenetrable darkness where they crawl endlessly through the blackness...relentlessly searching, blindly hunting for dead flesh. They squirm through the earth, forcing their bloated bodies through the cracks in time-worn, mouldering coffins to feast on the rotting detritus of human existence. The eyeless, limbless kings of their hidden empire, forever dancing the ‘Waltz Of The Wurms’ in the silence of eternal night...

    ‘Waltz Of The Wurms’ is the haunting instrumental that opens the debut album from brutal death metal monstrosity, Wurm Flesh, it’s chilling tones providing the perfect sinister introduction to an album of sanguinary nightmares. Excoriation Evisceration leads you through darkness and blood on a heart stopping journey through the ‘House Of Flesh’ to the ‘Tombs In Which Gods Decay’ before leaving you alone, lost in the black, waiting for the wurms. The tales of horror that fill Excoriation Evisceration are set to the ultimate brutal death metal soundtrack, the music combining wicked technicality, irresistible groove and sheer, battering power. It’s everything that the demented disciples of death crave, everything they hunger for when the bloodlust strikes and cannot be denied.

    The Wurm Flesh entity was initially formed in 2014 by guitarist/vocalist Rob Calhoun, the full line-up being painstakingly assembled over the following four years. Based in Sacramento, this elite killing machine are now ready to unleash their hellish creation upon the world and with the eager assistance of notorious purveyors of pain, Comatose Music, the date of destruction has been set. On November 23rd the pathways to the world of Wurms will be revealed and humanity will be summoned into the darkness. Madness, death and consumption await...

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    “...the kind of death metal you dig out of graves!”

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Broken Hope | Suffocation | Disavowed

    Rob Calhoun - Guitar/Vocals
    Mitch Bauder - Drums
    Rich Cobb - Vocals
    Curtis Rielley – Bass


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