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X.Kernel - Face The Truth

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    RELEASE DATE: 07.04.17

    The members of X.Kernel first came together in the city of Kiev, in the Ukraine. Initially they were inspired by the sounds of the Gothenburg metal scene – the hard hitting but overtly melodic music of bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and Soilwork – but as their individual talents blossomed and their song writing skills flourished, so did their unique musical identity. While melodic death metal remained the bedrock of their sound, X.Kernel began to expand and develop in new and exciting directions.

    The first hints of just what a potent force X.Kernel were to become could be heard on their 2013 EP, Kingdom Of Pain, a digital self release. Now, after some line-up changes and four years of hard work, all X.Kernel’s potential has been realised in the incredible sounds of their debut album, Face The Truth. The vocal style has expanded to embrace soaring, emotive singing alongside the savage snarls and roars, the keyboard work of Alina Borodkina has come into its own, taking on a defining role in the songs and the music has embraced an exciting, adventurous spirit. The guitars still fire out superb riffs and spiral up into breathtaking solos and the rhythm section can still deliver a hammer blow of heaviness, but X.Kernel are carving out something more. Face The Truth is the sound of a band who are determined to stand out from the crowd, to lead the pack not just run with it.

    The quality of Face The Truth was recognised by US label Cimmerian Shade Recordings who were quick to welcome X.Kernel to their roster. Now, on April 7th, the rest of the world will be able to hear the results of this metallic alliance. X.Kernel have combined a mastery of established forms with a fresh and expansive outlook, married depth and emotion to technical skill and forged an album that will capture hearts, minds and souls with its arrival on the field of battle.

    Genre: Melodic Death Metal
    For fans of: Dark Tranquillity | Soilwork | In Flames | Evergrey

    Max Sklyar - Vocals
    Nikita Larionov - Guitar, Vocals
    Alina Borodkina - Keyboards
    Oles Malezhyk – Bass

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