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Zebadiah Crowe - The Cloven Hand

  • Zebadiah Crowe



    It’s dark in here...so dark you could choke on the blackness, suffocate as the absence of light seems to press against your straining eyes. The bitter iron scent of old blood hangs suspended in the thick air, floating on an underlying miasma of sweat, putrefaction, vomit and excrement. Chains drag across an invisible floor and claws scrape down an unseen wall. Something is laughing at you somewhere in the impenetrable murk and the sound is pure malice...and that’s when you realise that you know this place. You’ve been here before. A memory of all-consuming fear floods back, but your mind still refuses to recall what follows in the wake of that fear...flashes of teeth and hooks, scrabbling fingers and slavering tongues, desperation and madness...

    Welcome back to the black, to the realm of Zebadiah Crowe and the Host Rider. It’s time to revisit some favourite nightmares, with each one given a savage twist and a brain incinerating injection of hallucinogens. It’s time to face the The Cloven Hand. Back in the sweltering summer Zebadiah Crowe unleashed the hellish insanity of the Host Rider album, a vicious concoction of black metal, thrash, punk and hyper-violence. It was described by Metal Temple as “tersely evil, weirdly hypnotic, and insidiously unforgettable.” To insure that the winter is as bleak as the summer was oppressive, Zebadiah Crowe have decided to unveil two new EPs, the first of which returns to the songs of Host Rider, but warps them out of all recognition. This is The Cloven Hand, an unholy alliance between Zebadiah Crowe and the mechanistic devils of Seething Akira and Gods Of Ruin. Three of Host Rider’s darkest and most unnerving tracks have been remixed and reborn in even more rabid, demented forms. Pulsing, biting and consuming, these reimagined sicknesses will embrace you in their broken limbs and dance you off the edge of the world.

    On December 2nd your invitation to madness will be courteously extended and the gate to the pit flung wide. Hold on tight as the wheels start to roll and remember, The Cloven Hand is the first wave of a two part assault on your sanity, with more malignant madness to follow in the New Year. So, grit your teeth 'til they shatter and don’t you dare succumb to the savagery, because Zebadiah Crowe still have such sights to show you...

    Genre: Black Industrial Electronics
    For fans of: Front Line Assembly | Ministry | Mantar | Mysticum

    Forrrthen - Guitars
    The Horrid – Vocals/Bass/Drum Programming


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  • Zebadiah Crowe
  • Zebadiah Crowe
  • Zebadiah Crowe
  • Zebadiah Crowe