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Zebadiah Crowe - Host Rider

  • Zebadiah Crowe


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 15th 2020

    It was never just a game. That thought spins around your head as you become frantic, fevered, lost in the chaos of the moment. You’re burning inside as the thick poison forces its way through veins never meant to conduct such tainted, viscous infection. The taste of phosphorous and sulphur floods your mouth and the need to vomit, purge, is overwhelming - but your throat is gripped tight. You’re drowning in waves of nausea, losing all sense of self as the whispered voices in your head grow louder; louder than your strangled cries, louder than your desperate thoughts. Your body becomes a vast cavern and you’re shrinking down inside it, down into the smallest, deepest corner...and then they fill you, violate you, legion upon shrieking legion...a mass of horn and tooth, tentacle and madness, a thousand eyes a billion tongues...they own you, they possess you.

    It had seemed that Zebadiah Crowe had passed from this realm, that the demons they had long toyed with had finally consumed them. The band that had brought us the sounds of madness in albums like Grawl! The Many Deaths Of The Great Beast and Omak K’ahh had fallen silent, lost in the endless darkness and their mighty rituals with the likes of Vader, Grave and Gorgoroth were memories becoming legend. But those who kept the faith are now rewarded and the disbelievers are undone, for Zebadiah Crowe have returned from the other side of midnight with a new tome of foulness and fractured sanity, seven new psalms of wild abandon and dangerous delirium – prepare to receive the acid bile of Host Rider! Raucous and rancid, drenched in bitter blood and armed with a numberless collection of rusted, serrated blades – this is the sound of violent punk attitude, suffocating black horror, gothic darkness, mechanistic filth and the savagery of the most vicious outliers of thrash. Within the relentless maelstrom of shattering outpourings of vitriol like ‘A Tincture Of Malice’ there is no moment to catch a breath, no respite in which to gather your scattered thoughts and bones together. The incessant riffs of ‘A Horror To The Eyes Of Saintly Men’ will leave you broken; the wild invocations of ‘Wormhavens Dance’ will destroy you.

    On June 15th Lore Breaker Records will unleash the fury of Host Rider in multiple formats and may God forgive them for what they are about to set free. After eight long years of peace, the silence is broken once more. Zebadiah Crowe and the Host Rider are among us!

    Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
    For fans of: Venom | Ministry | Mantar | Babylon Whores

    Forrrthen - Guitars
    The Horrid – Vocals/Bass/Drum Programming


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  • Zebadiah Crowe
  • Zebadiah Crowe
  • Zebadiah Crowe
  • Zebadiah Crowe