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  • neverworrld visions of another world
    Neverworld - Visions Of Another World (Dream Demon Recordings)

    Campaign Ended 08.11.14

    Formed in 2009 from the ashes of several local bands, Neverworld brought together an array of outstandingly talented musicians – all with a shared vision to create incredible, heavy music that drew inspiration from the best that Europe, the US and the UK had to offer. Building their sound around soaring, breathtaking vocals, magical guitar work, grand keyboard textures and a thunderous rhythm section the newly formed band set to work building something above and beyond the ordinary. Neverworld became more than just music; it became a complete artistic vision. Neverworld is a place of dreams, a world we all visit in our sleep and the band explore this magical realm in their lyrics and artwork.
    The first release from Neverworld was the Welcome To... EP, which emerged to critical acclaim in 2010. The EP quickly sold out and left fans and critics hungry for more. Now, after more than three years of painstaking work, those prayers are finally answered with the release of Neverworld’s full length debut album, Visions Of Another World. Melody, power, imagination, technical wizardry and stunning song writing...it’s all here, all the promise of that first EP fulfilled.
    This is your invitation to leave the mundane world behind and step into a kingdom of imagination, to lose yourself in soul stirring solos and magnificent melodies, your chance to explore Neverworld – where metal dreams come true.

    A small selection of press feedback:
    “...great sounding mixture of heavy and power metal...” – EXTREME UNDERGROUND MUSIC ZINE
    “...absolutely fantastic song writing...” – CHAINMAIL MEDIA
    “...all the right ingredients for full-flavoured epic, heavy power metal...” – A METAL STATE OF MIND
    “Highly recommend album...” – METAL TEMPLE
    “...an uplifting mix of heavy and harmony that makes a big impact...” – THE INDEPENDENT VOICE
    “...a kick ass album...” – METAL JESUS MAGAZINE
    "...awesome release by Neverworld..." – DUTCH METAL MANIAC
    “...creative riffs, soulful solos...” – THE HEADBANGING MOOSE
    "...have not heard such a successful album from the circle of progressive power metal..." – POWER METAL WARRIOR

    Interviews also appeared courtesy of the likes of ZERO TOLERANCE, MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC, EXTREME UNDERGROUND MUSICK ZINE etc...

    Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
    For fans of: Savatage | Helloween | Judas Priest

    Mike Vaughan – Drums
    Ben Colton – Lead Guitar / Vocals
    Gary Payne – Bass
    Jack Foster – Guitar
    Daniel Potter – Keyboards
    Christina Gajny – Guest Backing Vocals

Video and images