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Aeons - Live Booking

Hailing from the metal outpost of the Isle Of Man, Aeons are purveyors of breathtaking, progressive metal – blending melody and muscle, aggression and adventurous thinking with consummate ease. Despite forming as recently as 2016 the band members have formed a remarkable musical understanding both in the studio and on stage. The different tempos, emotions, rhythms and atmospheres in their songs flow and blend with a liquidity that borders on the magical. Each Aeons release is a thing of beauty and each live performance an electrifying invocation of those painstakingly created sonic tapestries.

Aeons’ first album, A Tragic End, was released in 2019 and immediately made an impression on the global metal media, with INDIE HOWL marvelling at the “brutally technical riffs, low down dirty growls and ambient soundscapes that blur the lines between what's beautiful and what's ugly”.

The band played extensively across their home territory with support from a range of local acts, quickly establishing themselves as the island’s premier metal outfit. The shows were well received without exception – WORSHIP METAL describing the Douglas show as “simply fucking brilliant” - and the musical bonds between the band members continued to grow and develop with each performance. WORSHIP METAL were in attendance again for Aeons’ headline show with BRUISES and observed a performance that “threatened to collapse Compton Vaults low ceilings with its unfettered power”.

In 2021 Aeons, now aligned with Imperative PR, have released their second album – Consequences. The strides taken since their already impressive debut have been immense and the press reaction has been commensurate with the band’s achievements. Plaudits from major print magazines like SCREAM, POWERPLAY and ZERO TOLERANCE have flooded in on a tidal wave of underground support. The band are finishing the year with a series of shows on the Isle Of Man, but with the state of emergency surrounding the covid-19 pandemic beginning to ease, plans are afoot for shows on the UK mainland and Europe in 2022.

Aeons are a special band and their live show is an experience not to be missed. Watch this space...

“...Someone put this outstanding band on a UK festival bill. NOW!”

Genre: Progressive Metal
For fans of: Opeth | Born Of Osiris | Deafheaven | Veil Of Maya


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