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Consecration - Live Booking

Since they first clawed their way out of the shadows back in 2010 Consecration have been creating some of the darkest, heaviest, most chilling and atmospheric doom/death metal around. Their songs are woven from sounds that will haunt your dreams and crush your soul. So breathtakingly affecting is their music that they have been invited to play on an incredibly diverse range of bills, where the only common denominators are the need for enthralling atmosphere and powerful delivery. There is no audience that Consecration cannot beguile and bludgeon in equal measure with their chilling arcane enchantments.

In 2019 Consecration signed a new deal with respected Russian doom metal specialists, Solitude Productions, for the release of their second full length album, Fragilium - a dark and mournful masterpiece of unforgettable, haunting melancholy. This towering edifice of bleak magic received widespread critical acclaim with No Clean Singing, Dicas De Metal, Tales From The Frontline and Cult Metal Flix all voting it as one of the best albums of 2019.

“...a wuthering bleakness, slowly embracing and overwhelming...”
– Zero Tolerance Magazine

“A beautiful musical experience, full of nobleness..”
– Deadly Storm

“...50 plus minutes of unrelenting despair...”
– Musipedia Of Metal

“...an enjoyable, haunting journey...”
– Blessed Altar Zine

“Their songs evoke a stark and desolate place.”
– The Independent Voice

“...one of the darker, and often times disturbing, Doom releases of the year.”
– Metal Temple

“...full of raw, torturous and deathly doom...”
– Toilet ov Hell

“...overflows with depth and a deep sense of mourning.”
– Cult Metal Fix

“...incredibly impressive atmospheric doom.”
– Metal Music Archives

As magnificent as their recorded output undoubtedly is, it is on stage where the true power of Consecration’s music can be fully appreciated. They have refined their intimidating, enthralling art playing with an incredible range of top bands.

Consecration have played with the likes of Leafhound, Esoteric, Old Corpse Road, Eastern Front, Vallenfyre, Godthrymm, De Profundis, Formicarius, Primitive Man, The Infernal Sea and more.

They have also appeared at festivals such as:
Under The Doom 2019 – with Paradise Lost, Alcest and Daylight Dies
Desertfest 2015 – with Sleep, Orange Goblin and Acid King
Riffmas 2018 – with Telepathy and My Silent Wake
Deadsoul Winterfest – with Alunah and Elderseer

Wherever they roam and whomever they share the stage with, Consecration always leave a powerful, indelible impression.

“...death/doom at its mightiest...”
– Doom-Metal.com

“...crushing riffage and grim, venomous growls.”
– Northern Darkness Magazine

“...dark, sepulchral and ferocious...”
– Get Your Rock Out

“...dark and evil atmosphere...”
– Doomed To Darkness

Consecration offer an unforgettable night of heartbreak and soul destruction.

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
For fans of: Novembers Doom | Evoken | My Dying Bride | My Silent Wake


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