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No Worth Of Man - Live Booking

No Worth Of Man’s monstrously heavy modern metal was conceived for the stage – the almost alchemical understanding that exists between the three band members bringing an enthralling dynamism and electricity to their every performance; the raw, visceral quality of their elemental rhythms and armour plated riffs driven forward by an innate understanding of the metal art form. Man and musical weaponry fused into one explosive, full frontal assault that leaves an impact like a sledgehammer. No Worth Of Man are once seen, never forgotten.

The combination of instantly captivating songs and a live power that is simply off the charts saw No Worth Of Man being given the opportunity to perform alongside renowned, international touring bands from the earliest stages of their career. Less than a year after the release of their 2018 debut EP – Initium Novum – they were unleashing their inimitable firepower alongside the likes of KARMA TO BURN, KING 810 and PUPPY. Then in late 2019 they were flying out to Malta to support COFFIN BIRTH (featuring members of HOUR OF PENANCE and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE) and BOUND TO PREVAIL – at the invitation of Malta Deathfest Events.

Of course the stranglehold of the Covid-19 epidemic and accompanying lockdowns were waiting just round the corner when No Worth Of Man returned from that show in Malta – but as soon as the restrictions were lifted they were back on the stage. Throughout 2022 and 2023 they performed across the UK, crossing swords with some of the finest live bands from all corners of the metal underground – from the emotive doom of FAMYNE to the masterful thrash attack of EVILE, the power metal majesty of DENDERA to the death metal supreme of LEFT TO DIE, EMBODIMENT. AMPUTATED and STRANGLEWIRE, the blackened progressive sounds of DAMIM to the pulverizing deathly darkness of 10 PLAGUES – No Worth Of Man took on all comers and left audiences reeling wherever they unleashed their heavy artillery.

2024 has seen the unveiling of No Worth Of Man’s finest set of songs to date, in the form of the devastating What’s Your Damage? EP. Songs like EP opener ‘Into The Dirt’ and singles ‘An Unpaintable Soul’ and ‘Mondo Decay’ are designed to level venues and blow minds! The critical response to What’s Your Damage? has been magnificent…

...the trio show no mercy and take no prisoners...
– Uber Rock

“...a huge, impenetrable wall of sound...”
– Devolution Magazine

“…a blistering, bruising take on modern metal that hits you full in the face and rattles your skull.”
– Emerging Rock Bands

“…perforates the ear drums and grinds on the brain stem.”
– Metal Noise

“…a savage collection of four brutal cuts…”
– Maximum Volume Music

…and the No Worth Of Man 2024 live offensive has already begun, the band joining forces with CULTURA TRES – the new band from SEPULTURA’s Paulo Jr. – at the infamous Anvil Rock Bar in Bournemouth.
Expect to see the No Worth Of Man war machine rolling into a town near you as 2024 progresses and they bring the iron fist impact of What’s Your Damage? to every town, every venue, every stage that can handle the power.

Genre: Extreme Metal
For fans of: Lamb Of God | Machine Head | Unearth


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