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Solitary - Live Booking

Solitary have been tearing up stages for two decades now and have developed an instinct for destruction. When they step under the lights that instinct kicks in and no matter the size of venue, the size of audience, whoever else might be on that bill Solitary own that stage. Their experience combined with an undying passion for performance means they can take on anyone in the live arena and come out victorious. Their thrash colours don’t run and their riffs don’t rust.

2019 marked 25 years of die hard metal for Solitary, a quarter of a century of staying true to the principles they hold dear and the music they love. Such a milestone could not be allowed to slip by unnoticed and the band released a limited edition, celebratory EP. XXV proved that Solitary’s star is continuing to rise, selling faster than any other release in their history. It also added to the band’s enviable array of critical acclaim.

“...stronger, harder, faster than ever.”
– Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine

“...corrosive solos that burn through the heart of the tracks...”
– Kerrang!

“...killer riffs and dynamite solos...undeniable quality...”
– Zero Tolerance Magazine

“...hard as a bag of nails...”
– Terrorizer Magazine

“...unrelenting music and aggression...”
– Metal Temple

“Intense doesn’t even begin to describe how hot this album is...”
– Soundscape Magazine

“Battering chug-laden rhythms and ferocious riffs...”
– Angry Metal Guy

“Intense doesn’t even begin to describe how hot this album is...”
– Frame Music

Solitary have spent the early part of 2020 ensconced in the studio with their regular producer, the legendary Simon Efemey, working hard on a stunning new album of thrash classics. The band are planning to hit the road harder than ever this year and thrash their way all across the UK and Europe.

Over the years Solitary have played some incredible shows with the likes of Acid Reign, Deranged, Vomitory, Lawnmower Deth, Xentrix, Cerebral Fix, Darkane, Hirax, One Machine, Shrapnel, Re-Animator and more.

They have also appeared at festivals such as:
Bloodstock Open Air 2019 – with Anthrax, Metal Church and Death Angel
Aggressive Music Fest 2019 – with Root
Hordes Of Belial: Nine Lives – as headliners – also featuring King Leviathan, Godeater and King Witch
Hammerfest/HRH United 2017 – with Destruction, Hammerfall and Napalm Death
Thrashersaurus 2017 – with Onslaught

Solitary have garnered as much praise for their live shows as they have for their studio output...

“An incredible powerhouse of thrash metal...”
– Rock ‘N’ Load Mag

“...knockout riffs and slashing solos.”
– Powerplay Rock And Metal Magazine

“...a flawless set...”
– Down The Front Media

“...an unrelenting assault.”
– Planet Mosh

“...the band’s intensive thrash assault went down a treat.”
– Musipedia Of Metal

Solitary deliver one of the most intense live metal experiences you will ever witness – in the words of Zero Tolerance Magazine they are “...a finely honed weapon of thrash destruction.”

Genre: Thrash Metal
For fans of: Slayer | Sacred Reich | Testament | Forbidden


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