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Aeons | Imperative Management:

What do you associate with the Isle Of Man? High speed motorbike racing? Rugged coastlines and tailless cats? Probably not progressive, adventurous metal of the very highest quality...not yet, anyway. Aeons started out in 2016, formed by talented musicians with extensive experience on the Isle Of Man scene – some with previous album releases to their name. At first their ambitions stretched no further than the shores of their island home, but it quickly became apparent that there was something special about this new band, a chemistry between its members that was starting to produce quite remarkable music.

In 2019 Aeons entered Skatandah Studios and laid down the tracks for their debut album, A Tragic End, which they released independently in October of that year. Despite minimal promotion word of this ambitious opening gambit began to spread through the metal press, with respected webzine WORSHIP METAL declaring it to be ‘vividly expressed and flawlessly played’ in a 9/10 review overflowing with praise. Live shows in support of the impressive debut were constrained to the band’s home territory and quickly they turned their minds to A Tragic End’s successor.

Over the course of the next eighteen months Aeons worked meticulously to craft a second album that could really lift them above the levels they had so far achieved and make them contenders on the international stage. They wrote and rewrote, arranged and rearranged until they had seven genuinely spectacular songs, forty five minutes of music that showcased everything that Aeons had to offer. Recorded once more in Skatandah Studios, Consequences was everything the band had striven for and more. To accompany the incredible music the band worked diligently to produce an array of stunning artwork to make Consequences the complete package – something that the critics would be unable to ignore. Determined to give Consequences the chance it deserved, Aeons reached out to Imperative PR - and as soon as the company saw and heard everything that the band had achieved they were keen to be involved.

In late September of 2021 Consequences was released and with the support of Imperative it landed on the desks of metal media outlets around the world, where it was welcomed with open arms. From major print magazines like ZERO TOLERANCE, POWERPLAY and SCREAM, to a plethora of respected global webzines like GREEK REBELS, DARGEDIK, SOUND MAGNET, AVE NOCTUM, STORMBRINGER, METAL ITALIA and ZWARE METALEN, wherever it was heard the brilliance of Consequences was recognised. Even Aeons’ first champions at WORSHIP METAL were inspired to rate the album a 9.5/10, even higher than the debut album they had loved so much and make it their Album Of The Week.

The ongoing success of Consequences has lead to Aeons and Imperative IPR signing a long term management deal which will see the two parties working together into 2022 and beyond. It won’t be long before the first response to that question, ‘what do you associate with the Isle Of Man?’ is answered by just one word – Aeons.

“...a fine combination of power and melody.”

Genre: Progressive Metal
For fans of: Opeth | Born Of Osiris | Deafheaven | Veil Of Maya

Justin Wallace - Drums
Skippy Hilton - Vocals
Joe Holland - Bass
Si Harvey – Guitars/Vocals
Scott Sayer - Guitar/Vocals


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