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In the middle of winter, 2011, Body Harvest were conceived in the dark imaginations of guitarists Jake Ettle-lles and Gareth Nash. Their goal was to combine the song writing majesty of the days when Morbid Angel still walked the ‘Maze Of Torment’ and Death still threatened to ‘Pull The Plug’ on existence, with the speed and savagery of the modern purveyors of extremity. They wanted to create music that would shine with a black halo of sinister atmosphere and be tightly wound in barbed wire hooks to ensnare the hearts and minds of listeners. They wanted to utterly devastate all who crossed their path with rabid death metal of staggering ferocity and breathtaking brutality. By the following spring the dream beast had become a reality and the co-conspirators were ready to begin their crusade of sonic destruction – announcing themselves to the world with a live show alongside legends of sickness, Exhumed and the infamous Anaal Nathrakh.

By 2014 Body Harvest were ready to unveil their first full length album and on April 21st Grindhouse Music released Futile Creation – a collection of ten tracks that achieved all those early aspirations with staggering ease. Superb song writing with a classic death metal sensibility and skin flaying velocity delivered with fearsome drive and focus. As haunting as it was mercilessly hammering, Futile Creation was a magnificent debut album and it established Body Harvest as prime movers on the UK death metal scene. The band crossed swords in the live arena with the death metal elite, going head to head with the likes of Vital Remains, Aura Noir, Gorguts and many more, while Futile Creation flew out the racks. As the great reviews continued to accumulate, the first pressing of Body Harvest’s debut was soon sold out.

A new rhythm section joined the Body Harvest fold in early 2017 and the skull crushing bottom end provided by bassist Dan Shaw Odell and the decimating dexterity of drummer Will Pearson lifted the band to an even higher level. More impressive live shows followed, with more of the most renowned death metal artists in the world, including Vader, Immolation and Hideous Divinity, before work began on the second Body Harvest album. Assisted by Jonny Pettersson (Those Who Bring The Torture, Wombbath, Ursinne etc) the band set about surpassing the brilliance of Futile Creation...

The ‘Hierarchy Of Grief’ single came roaring into the light as 2018 dawned and it was immediately obvious that Body Harvest had triumphed again. This was more intense, more completely overwhelming than even Futile Creation had dared to be! Two videos followed – for the equally astounding ‘Apocalyptic Abomination’ and ‘The Prophet’ - as the band hit the road for their first headlining UK tour, culminating in soul shredding performance at Bloodstock Open Air, along with metal gods Judas Priest, Emperor and Cannibal Corpse.

At this crucial juncture in their career Body Harvest signed a management deal with Imperative PR who immediately began working to help the band take that step up to the next level. This powerful new alliance saw Body Harvest start 2019 by signing with the ultimate label for all things brutal and deathly – Comatose Music. Second album Parasitic Slavery is now set for a May 3rd release through the US death metal powerhouse and the band will be celebrating a week later with a London show as special guests to Carnation. With the Imperative team and Comatose Music behind them and their own single-minded vision, there is nothing that Body Harvest cannot achieve. Welcome to the next level of death metal supremacy!

“...real death metal.”

Genre: Death Metal
For fans of: Morbid Angel | Hate Eternal | Krisiun

Jake Ettle-Iles - Vocals & Guitar
Gareth Nash - Vocals & Guitar
Dan Shaw Odell - Bass
Will Pearson – Drums


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