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Dreamfire | Imperative Management:

Created by the enigmatic Osirion in early 1999, Dreamfire is a symphonic musical project, a vehicle to explore ancient mysteries, magic, myth and majestic themes. Striving to offer more than just an immersive listening experience, Dreamfire attempts to open doorways into the soul, to reawaken buried memories of things long passed, to provide a portal through which the listener can choose to step...into a world of legend.

Such lofty ambitions are not realised overnight and it was 2014 before Osirion had completed the first Dreamfire album. Atlantean Symphony was composed of 12 sections, all part of a single, seamless musical journey and it held within it a world of wonder, everything that Osirion had aspired to. Dreamfire then needed a supportive team to carry its message to the masses and Osirion recognised a kindred creative, dedicated spirit in a brand new PR company – Imperative PR. Dreamfire’s momentous Atlantean Symphony was released on CD as a lavish antique book style pressing, as well as worldwide through all major download platforms on May 5th 2014 and Imperative PR carried the word to a more than receptive media. The response was overwhelming with major magazines like Zero Tolerance and the long established Ondes Chocs lavishing praise upon the visionary masterpiece.

Creatively drained Osirion and Dreamfire withdrew from the spotlight, emerging just briefly in the summer of 2017 with a video to accompany a majestic interpretation of the track ‘The Rains Of Castamere’. Originally written by Ramin Djawadi the piece has featured heavily in the HBO series Game Of Thrones.

As 2017 drew to a close Osirion stepped from the shadows, rejuvenated and ready to work once more. He signed a long term management contract with Imperative PR, which lead to a new deal with Minotauro Records. It was decided that the first fruits of this alliance would be a remastered, expanded edition of Atlantean Symphony, with stunning new artwork. Minotauro were determined to herald the return of Dreamfire in style!

The release dates for this ultimate edition of Atlantean Symphony are 27th April for Europe and 04th May for USA. The world of legend is calling once more and heroes from dreams are stirring beyond the gates of ivory and bone.

“...brooding, inspiring and atmospheric...”

Genre: Neoclassical | Ambient | Atmospheric | New Age
For fans of: Arcana | Vangelis | Dark Sanctuary | Dead Can Dance

Osirion - All music and arrangements


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